While Democrat politicians tell Americans that blue-collar jobs, such as farming and manufacturing, are no longer tenable in the United States, China is swooping in to fill the gap. Fufeng Group Limited is investing $350 million into Grand Forks North Dakota to build a new agribusiness plant, making it the largest capital investment in that region’s history. 

Fufeng Group Limited is based in Hong Kong, with most of its production facilities located in northeast China. 

Understand that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operates its economy through a mix of both capitalism and communism. While they allow for private businesses, once a company becomes prominent, it must report directly to the CCP. If Fufeng has facilities located in China, you can be certain they are coordinating with the CCP.

Epoch Times reporting shows that Fufeng’s top executive, Li Xuechun, once served as a member of the People’s Congress of Shandong Province, China. In China, the People’s Congress is a merely performative body of government that possesses no real power. It only serves to approve whatever decision Supreme Leader Xi Jinping makes. 

This means that the CCP, through Fufeng, is buying up U.S. land and breaching the American food system. 

Fufeng specializes in bio-fermentation. As such, the new plant will take in approximately 25 million bushels of corn each year and convert it into gluten feed, lysine, and threonine. 

The deal is expected to be greenlit by the Grand Forks City Council on March 7th. The local politicians of the Grand Forks region are too excited about the $350 million investment to be concerned about the possible national security threats this raises. 

While the local politicians are captivated by the prospects of Chinese investments, many local residents of Grand Forks are voicing their concerns. In a letter to the Grand Forks Herald, Diana Hoverson wrote:

“Sounds like North Dakota is ready to deal with the devil!”

Diana Hoverson couldn’t be more correct. Fufeng’s primary intention for investing in North Dakota doesn’t seem to be to set up a food nutrient and additive manufacturing facility. 

Rather, Fufeng will likely set up intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations for the CCP out of Grand Fork, North Dakota. The CCP has been known to set up ISR operations in various countries under the guise of businesses to monitor a nation’s interior. 

Ross Kennedy, the founder of Fortis Analysis, has done extensive investigative work into Fufeng’s North Dakota investment. He believes that the CCP and Fufeng chose Grand Fork, North Dakota for their $350 investment due to the location’s strategic and national security importance.

Fufeng’s investment involves a purchase of 370 acres with an Air Force Base only 13 miles away. Kennedy stated the following warning:

“This Chinese company may be coming into Grand Forks under the guise of setting up a food nutrient and additive manufacturing facility, but could be setting up the ability to passively and actively monitor one of the nation’s most valuable assets… There are enormous amounts of data going to and from this location, and when there’s direct line of sight to the receiving or transmitting facility, the options get an awful lot better for anyone to begin to create traps for that data.”

Fufeng’s infiltration of North Dakota is extremely alarming and shows why the United States must take an increasingly aggressive stance against the CCP.

The fact that Chinese companies are allowed to invest on U.S. soil is an abomination, given that the CCP regime is actively involved in the genocide of both Muslims and Christians. 



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