The radical left politicians, media and even medical professionals want Americans to believe that when pregnant women get the covid vaccine, they are protecting themselves and their babies in the womb.  Furthermore, when the babies are born, they are less likely to catch the virus.  Don’t believe the lies!

The military data ( DMED) and VAERS confirms a 300% increase in miscarriages over 416,186 after vaccine according to Steve Kirsch, Dr. Jessica Rose, and Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Basically, using rate data recently released from DMED, they computed an under reporting factor for VAERS for spontaneous abortions of 118. Since there are 3,527 reports of spontaneous abortion in the US in 2021, this is 416,186 actual events. But a small number of those were not caused by the vaccine, around 1 %. {1}

Using DMED data, they found during the first 10 months of 2021 there were 4,128 miscarriages- 3.4x the baseline rate. In the US, there are around 750K miscarriages per year. If you multiply that by 3.4 and assume 20% of the women are vaccinated with in the first or second trimester, then you get 510K which is not far from the VAERS estimate of 416K.

Steve Kirsch’s team found that there was an 80x increase in event reports this year verses reports from previous vaccines.{2} In particular, getting the COVID shot during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is extremely risky.

The risk of miscarriage is anywhere between 82% and 91%, but Shimabukuro et al hid this stunning finding in their paper recently referenced by the CDC and Sarah Toy of the Wall Street Journal {3}

In that study Shimabukuro included women in the third trimester which is after 20 weeks or after first trimester. That changes the calculation considerably! What we actually have are 114, which is 91%. Of those 104 miscarriages, 96 of them occurred before 13 weeks of gestation, which strongly suggests that getting a COVID shot during the first trimester is an absolute recipe for disaster. {4}

When you consider that the normal risk for miscarriage is just 5% by the time you enter week 6, an 82% to 91% risk of miscarriage is no negligible increase. This should also make everyone realize that recommending this injection to pregnant women is a reprehensible crime against humanity.

Considering the evidence, we in the medical community suggest the immediate withdrawal of the mRNA vaccine use in pregnancy (Category X) and those breastfeeding.

{1-2} Steve Kirsch January 28,2022 COVID vaccines and pregnancy
{3-4} Joseph Marcela, MD Miscarriages and other tragic side effects of mRNA shots 2022



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