Dr. Li-Meng Yan says the CCP has released a lab manufactured hemorrhagic fever bioweapon at the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Li-Meng has said that the CCP has been studying various strains of hemorrhagic fever viruses, Marburg, and Hanta virus, all of which just so happen to share the same CD38 drug target in the disease.

Her sources reveal that the CCP was already fully prepared to release this bioweapon during the Winter Olympics, though she cannot confirm which strain of virus has been released without first obtaining the viral genome. {1}

This new bioweapon is supposedly much more deadly than the Fauci Flu, which may have just been a test run for the final act!

The UK has already confirmed 2 cases of viral hemorrhagic fever and possibly a third. If confirmed, these mark the
first time the illness has been seen in the country in over a decade.

Officials claim that the cases of Lassa fever are from the same family and are linked to recent travel to western Africa, where the illness is said to be endemic. Two of the cases are conclusive and a third hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Lassa fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic illness and infection occurs through food or household items contaminated with urine or feces from rats that are carrying the virus. It causes fever, fatigue, and can result in bleeding of the mouth, shortness of breath, and low blood pressure.  It’s fatal in only 1% of cases.

The problem with this report is that the disease may not be standard Lassa fever, but possibly something new that was created through gain of function research. Based on sources and evidence, Lassa is one of the bioweapons they prepared to launch attacks during or after the Winter Olympics.

Li-Meng noted that the CCP military scientists worked with Liberia to study Ebola in 2014. {2} They also sent six groups of scientists to Sierra Leone to study Lassa virus in 2020.

A simple cure for hemorrhagic fever is Darzalex- a drug used to treat multiple myeloma made by Johnson & Johnson with cost of $650/vial {3}

Li-Meng suggests all Athletes and coaches that were in the Olympic COVID housing bubble must be quarantined when they return to their home country, but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.

{1-3} Rich Winkel Thought Crime Radio


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