For months the news media has constantly barraged viewers with vaccine, vaccine, vaccine.

It’s amazing how many “experts” on vaccines and viruses have emerged over the last 11 months. I mean seriously, they are everywhere… Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the local grocery store.  It is truly astonishing!

What has recently become very alarming is the censoring of ACTUAL EXPERTS on social media and the internet.

For example, Dr. Robert Malone, one of the lead inventors of the mRNA technology utilized in the COVID19 vaccine has been censored. He has expressed his concerns, along with many other EXPERTS, on the safety of the vaccine in children and young adults. His expert opinion has been deleted from many social media platforms as well as YouTube because he is not deemed qualified or enough of an expert to have a qualified opinion.

I am not sure how much more “expert” you can get than Dr. Malone. The man invented the crucial technology, the most integral part of the vaccine, and he is not considered an expert.  His views are no longer qualified to share with the general public. according to the keyboard warriors at some of the tech companies. This is absolutely outrageous!

I want you to have this info on the current research and opinions of the scientists and experts who are collecting real time data and do not have any agenda other than providing the public with the information needed to make an educated decision on what is the right medical choice for him/her and their families.

Whether or not to take the vaccine/therapeutic requires a risk analysis. To do an accurate risk analysis you need the facts and the relevant data, both good and bad. That is how you make a choice. That is certainly how you should make your medical choices!

I particularly love the medical professionals who question the safety of vitamin D3, zinc, and astragalus and yet indiscriminately tell EVERYONE to take an experimental drug without any questions or concerns.

This push to vaccinate children and young adults is baffling. There is literally no data to back it up! We should be ecstatic our children and young adults are not impacted by COVID19 and yet we have schools and colleges mandating an experimental therapeutic before they return to learning.

Let’s review COVID-19 Vaccine Facts for Children and Young Adults…

Vaccine Fact #1: Myocarditis, inflammation around the heart, is a potential side effect of the vaccine in children and young adults.

Vaccine Fact #2: Blood clots in the lungs and legs is a potential side effect of the vaccine in the population 15-22, especially in boys and young men.

Vaccine Fact #3: There is not one other medication in existence which is approved for everyone from birth to death…not one! Remember, the current experimental drug is not actually approved for anyone!

Vaccine Fact #4: The least vulnerable group is children and young adults when it comes to hospitalization and death from COVID19. There are 0.01% of COVID19 related deaths were in this group.

Vaccine Fact #5: The death rate from influenza is greater than the death rate for COVID19.

Vaccine Fact #6: 100% of the deaths from COVID19 in this age group had heart or lung pre-existing conditions.

Vaccine Fact #7: Children and young adults are not good vectors for this virus. This means they do not spread it very easily, and the virus cannot take root easily in their bodies.  Research indicates the children who had COVID19 in this age group were exposed to a symptomatic adult.

I want you and your family to be as healthy as possible and make your best health decisions. The most effective tool you have is your own immune system. Make it a daily habit to boost and support your health and immune system through your personal health choices.


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