In 2020 alone, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot quietly cut 400 officers from the city’s police force in the name of “defund the police” and “racial justice.” While Lightfoot deprives her citizens of a police presence, she keeps herself heavily guarded with a secret unit of 70 cops and an additional 20 personal bodyguards. 

Chicago’s mayor has long been an open advocate for defunding the police and has criticized American policing as ripe with systemic racism. During defund the police protests following the death of George Floyd, Lightfoot attempted to cut $80 million from the Chicago Police Department. This proposal was too radical for even local Chicago Democrats, and the budget cut was reduced to $59 million. 

Chicago police are extremely demoralized due to the accusations of racism directed at them by Lightfoot and other Democrats. This resulted in 660 Chicago cops retiring in 2021. It is also likely that many of these cops retired due to Lightfoot’s vaccine mandate for all members of the Chicago police department. If officers refused to be vaccinated, they would have to go on a no-pay status

Lightfoot has no concern for the decline in Chicago policing. That’s because no matter how dangerous the city becomes, she can recruit the few remaining officers to be her personal taxpayer-funded bodyguards.

One Chicago officer explained the rationale behind retiring in the following way: 

“I think it leads to an identity crisis for some officers. And they’re like, ‘Well, you know what, I joined for the right reasons. I saw this as a vocation where I wanted to help people, I want to save people. If that’s not what they think [Democrat politicians] we’re doing, I might as well go find another job.”

Lightfoot’s anti-police policies have directly led to a shocking increase in crime. The Chicago Sun Times reported that downtown shootings increased 220% in 2021. What’s disturbing is that while general crime is increasing in Chicago, violent crime has seen the most significant surge. Murders, rapes, shootings, and car jackings have all spiked in correlation with Chicago’s dwindling police force. 

In response to Chicago turning into a warzone, Lightfoot has made arrangements to increase security for herself, her property, and her wife. 

Lightfoot began recruiting a personal detail of cops as personal bodyguards at the start of the pandemic in 2020. This “secret unit” has now expanded to 70 of the best police officers Chicago has to offer. To be permitted on Lightfoot’s security detail, officers must have at least five years on the job and “experience in providing security and property protection services.”

The Chicago mayor primarily recruited officers from Humboldt Park and Logan Square to stand guard outside her multi-million dollar home. Humboldt Park and Logan Square residents were outraged when they saw a decline in the police presence in their neighborhoods due to Lightfoot’s personal security needs. 

The pandemic and rising crime rates have shown one thing to be true about Democrat elites: they do not believe the conditions they enforce on the rest of Americans apply to themselves.

Lightfoot could not care less about the skyrocketing crime rates in Chicago, as her government position affords her with taxpayer-funded security details of dozens of officers. Therefore, she can safely appease her woke base and forward defund the police movements that put the lives of thousands of Chicago residents in danger.



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