Earlier this week, we reported on the coming global food shortage due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This conflict has also resulted in hundreds of ships trapped around Ukraine and the Black Sea, severely exacerbating the ongoing global supply chain crisis. 

Since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24th, Winward LTD, a London-based shipping tracker, has shown approximately 200 ships and 3,500 sailors trapped in Ukrainian ports. 

These 200 ships include a sunflower oil carrier, a dozen oil-product tankers, and 45 bulkers carrying grains, ores, and coal. With the Ukrainian harbors shut down, these ships are stranded and will remain in the crossfire for the foreseeable future. 

Near the Port of Olvia, a Russian missile struck the Bangladeshi cargo ship MV Banglar Samriddhi. The missile left one crew member killed and numerous others seriously injured. 

The next day, March 3rd, an Estonian cargo ship sank after it was hit with an anti-ship weapon below the waterline.

A single missile can absolutely destroy a cargo ship. Just take a look at what a Russian missile did to the Prosperity of Bengal: 

Prior to that video, crewmembers struggled immensely to put out fires on the Prosperity of Bengal: 

Russian missiles have hit five tankers and cargo ships between the Black Sea and the adjoining Sea of Azov. These ships carried diesel, clay, and grain from Japan, Turkey, Moldova, and Estonia. 

One may assume that the Russians are accidentally hitting cargo ships, but this is unlikely. During war times, Russians have a history of targeting civilian populations of regions they cannot control to force governments into submission. Their tactic is simple: destroy what you cannot control. 

The Ukrainians are familiar with Russian tactics and allege that Putin’s intention behind targeting cargo ships is to force them out of harbors and into the dangerous parts of the Black Sea. By populating the Black Sea with cargo ships, Russians hope to conceal their naval maneuvers.

Ukraine is entirely cut off from international maritime trade due to the Russian invasion. This means that the world’s second-largest grain exporting region severed from the rest of the globe. Ukraine, together with Russia, accounts for 30% of all wheat exports.

The Black Sea is commonly referred to as the Bread Basket of the World, and now, it is the site of military conflict and turmoil. 



International conflicts along with America’s unstable government will continue to cause issues with our nation’s economy. That’s why we must control our own level of success! 

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