One by one, corporations continue to bow to the woke mob. Home Depot has now joined the woke brigade with a company-issued pamphlet educating their employees on their various categories of “privilege”: 

This pamphlet has yet to reach Home Depots in the U.S., but it is on display in the lunchroom of Canadian branches. Home Depot’s U.S. headquarters spokeswoman confirmed that the “Leading Practices-Unpacking Privilege” packet was approved by their company’s diversity and inclusion department. 

While this educational employee packet is meant to promote inclusivity, it actually shows the religious and racial bigotry that has become widespread among leftists. 

Home Depot employees are supposed to analyze themselves and assess which categories of privilege they possess. For example, employees must admit they have white privilege if “you are “confident that the police exist to protect you.” 

This is an insane racial generalization. Countless black Americans believe the police exist to protect their communities and actively call for increased policing in their cities. According to Home Depot, do those black Americans have white privilege? 

Employees must also categorize themselves as possessing Christian privilege if “you can expect time off from work to celebrate your religious holidays.” 

In this employee packet, Christians are the only religious group singled out for possessing privilege. By categorizing Christians as a privileged group, the left is claiming that the followers of Christ belong to an oppressive power structure that must be overthrown. 

Home Depot employees were also asked to assess whether they possess the following privileges: male, class, cisgender, able-bodied, and heterosexual. 

The most brazen claim made in the Home Deport privilege pamphlet is the following: “Racism = Racial Prejudice + Power.”

While this may not seem controversial at first glance, it is the formula by which Critical Race Theory is deduced.

With this definition of racism, leftists claim that only white people can be racist as they possess “systemic privilege” and power. Leftists deem that those in minority communities are incapable of being racist as they do not have systemic privilege and power. 

This definition of racism is categorically false in each of its presuppositions, clearly seen when examining 2019 FBI hate crime statistics. When compared to whites, black men commit hate crimes against Asians at a 40% higher rate, against Latinos at a 75% higher rate, and against members of the LGBTQ community at a 303% higher rate. 

Are these attacks not considered hate crimes by Democrats because blacks do not possess sufficient levels of systemic power?

It is extremely disappointing that Home Depot’s U.S. headquarters approved and sent out this terrible privilege pamphlet. Since the woke mob likes to boycott businesses that do not support their nonsensical values, it is time for conservatives to vote with their wallets as well.

It makes no sense to give our hard-earned money to a company that promotes racist and anti-Christian ideas among its employees. 



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