5G millimeter waves can penetrate the skin cells and the nucleus of a cell in the body. DNA acts as inducers and react to 5G waves by producing an electromagnet field, like a shadow, and hexagonal shape voids are created.

These voids are holes in the hexagonal liquids and then fill with “Coronavirus looking” structures in the cell. The extra base structures are called exosomes and will cause a positive COVID 19 test.

Exosomes have ACE2 receptors and contain RNA. COVID 19 contains ACE2 receptors and contain RNA which is what the testing kits look for and can not differentiate. In 1983, exosomes were discovered.

They were created naturally to clean out and repair cellular damage. Both exosomes and COVID 19 are the same shape and size and contain RNA. Exosomes behave like a virus when exposed to 4G or 5G radiation. Toxins in the blood attract electromagnetic frequencies damaging the red blood cells and blood clotting as seen by Dr. Rubik in 1998.

When the combined frequency of 4G and 5G (741HZ and 528HZ) are played at once (referred to as the Devil’s Tone) radiation and the EMF emitted activates toxins such as graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide, nano, aluminum, or ferrous oxide that destroy red blood cells and causes an immune response causing low oxygen levels, elevated carbon dioxide, and low blood PH.

The graphene oxide steals the oxygen from the red blood cell and mutates the cell rendering it nonfunctioning. Low oxygen levels combined with high carbon dioxide levels can lead to suffocation and death as seen by the turning on of
5G towers in Wuhon China, Milan Italy and Manhattan NY late 2019, early 2020 according to Dr. Robert Young. This is radiation poisoning.

We can avoid the damaging effects of 4G and 5G radiation by decreasing our exposure to radiation by using EMF blockers on devices, on smart meters and wifi coming into the home, and through clean living, leaving big cities, following a plant based diet, cleaning the water and air supply of toxins and avoiding the COVID shots or any

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