Vernon Jones made headlines as the Democrat that switched to the Republican party and endorsed Donald J. Trump for President.  Jones went as far as to call himself the “Black Donald Trump.”

The former Democrat recently dropped out of the Republican race for governor to run for the open seat in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District with the endorsement of President Trump.  But who is Vernon Jones?  Fellow Conservative truth-teller Stew Peter and his team uncovered the answer to that question through their in depth research.  Watch this video for some insight as to who Vernon Jones really is…

So before you support his campaign and throw your hard earned money at the feet of Vernon Jones, do your own research.  If Jones has nothing to hide, then why won’t he face the allegations head on instead of constantly running away?

As much as we love our President Donald J. Trump, we absolutely do not agree with his endorsement of Vernon Jones.  America’s future is in jeopardy, and we definitely don’t need any more corrupt, immoral politicians elected.



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