In just one year, the Biden administration has caused devastating damage to the average American’s wallet through various policies, such as COVID restrictions and inflationary spending. But now, Americans are getting hit hardest at the gas pump, with the average price per gallon shooting up to $4.41

Instead of taking the blame, Biden claims Vladimir Putin is solely responsible for the rise in domestic gas prices. To promote this narrative, the White House reached out to thirty TikTok influencers via a zoom briefing. During the zoom call, Biden’s White House officials informed the social media stars how to correctly parrot the new Democrat talking point to their audiences. 

It is unknown whether your taxpayer dollars went to funding this propaganda campaign. But, we do know that all thirty TikTok stars had previously participated in a nonprofit called Gen Z for Change. 

One of the TikTok stars recruited by the Biden administration is Ellie Zeiler, an 18-year-old with 10.5 million followers. Following her zoom meeting with the White House, Zeiler released a video titled “Why is gas so expensive?” in which she spread the following disinformation: 

“Why is gas so expensive, and why is the U.S. inflation at a 40 year high… The call was primarily about Ukraine and Russia, so how does that relate? Russia is one of the top three producers of oil, and it is their number one revenue source. Now, with Putin starting this horrific fight between Ukraine and Russia, nobody wants to work with him and do international trade. So with people being scared of war and limited resources, prices are bound to go up.” 

Gas prices have been steadily rising throughout the Biden presidency and sat at $3.70 a gallon right before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The recent spike in gas prices to $4.40 a gallon is in part due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as obtaining Russian gas exports has become more difficult. But, this should prompt you to ask yourself: Why is the U.S. reliant on Russian gas exports? 

We are now reliant on Russian oil because when Biden first entered office, he quickly ended U.S. energy independence to appease radical climate activists.

The White House canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline and blocked new oil and gas leases for domestic energy production.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki often points the blame at U.S. gas companies for not utilizing the 9,000 onshore drilling leases that have already been issued.

However, if gas companies are the greedy profit-driven capitalists the left assumes they are, why haven’t t have begun drilling? That’s because these oil companies have determined that the current leases are unprofitable due to insufficient supplies of oil in those areas. Hence, new leases are needed, which the Biden administration refuses to supply.

Luckily for the Biden administration, they can redirect the blame away from themselves by using 18-year-old Tiktok stars, like Ellie Zeiler, to parrot their idiotically simplistic narrative that U.S oil prices are determined by a dictator in Eastern Europe. 

The Biden administration is acting immorally by lying to the American working class that’s suffering due to increasing gas prices. Biden hopes that struggling Americans direct their frustrations at the Russian government rather than at his own administration.

Unfortunately, this move is unsurprising. Democrats have enjoyed using Russia as a boogeyman they can blame everything on, such as their election loss in 2016.



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