Until recently, Disney was a brand appreciated by nearly all Americans as they made apolitical movies filled with traditional family values. However, the behemoth children’s content creator has now taken a dark turn as its CEO, executive producer, and corporate president openly discuss forwarding a “gay agenda.”

Even worse, Disney has a stunning number of pedophiles and sexual predators among its employees. 

Last month during Operation March Sadness II, Florida law enforcement arrested several Disney employees involved in human trafficking and pedophilia. A similar undercover sting operation conducted in August of 2021 led to the arrests of 17 pedophiles, most of whom worked at Disney amusement parks. 

With such disturbing and repeated uncoverings of pedophilia, one wonders: “What is Disney doing to attract such deplorable employees?” A resurfaced story from 2014 seems to have the answers. 

In 2014, Dawn Taplin, a Disney Cruise Line security officer, told news outlets that she was ordered not to report molestation throughout her time on the job. 

Taplin is a 17-year veteran police officer with experience investigating sex crimes at the Palm Bay Police Department. Despite extensive experience with this horrendous subject matter, Taplin was brought to tears when she saw the security tape of an 11-year-old girl sexually assaulted by a Disney dining server. 

The Disney employee cornered the girl in an elevator, grabbing her breast and kissing her. Taplin explained the incident in the following way: 

“It’s not the first time I’ve cried on cases. But she’s literally trying to get away from him. You see her kicking her legs, trying to pull away from him.”

After interviewing the child to file a police report on the incident, Disney officials ordered her not to make any phone calls. Taplin told reporters that she believed she’d be fired if she disobeyed their orders. Supervisors allegedly told her to “Just keep your mouth shut.”

When the molestation took place, the cruise ship was docked at Port Canaveral. When a ship is anchored at a Florida port and a crime occurs, it is under Florida jurisdiction. However, Disney officials refused to report the incident and maneuvered to leave the port as quickly as possible with the sexual assault victim and pedophile still onboard the ship. 

Taplin stated the following rationale behind Disney leaving Port Canaveral without reporting the crime: 

“In my professional and personal opinion, I think they wanted to get outside the United States limits and get him off the ship in the Bahamas and just leave it alone.”

The Disney pedophile did admit his crime to Bahamas Police when questioned. However, the child’s family refused to press charges, making many people wonder if bribery occurred between Disney and the family of the victim to sweep the issue under the rug. 

When the cruise ship returned to port, Disney paid for the pedophile’s flight back home to India. Disney claims it is a standard contract provision to cover transportation costs of employees returning to their home nations. However, for most Americans, it looks like Disney is giving its pedophilic employees the VIP treatment. 

Following this incident, Taplin immediately resigned from her position at Disney due to a “culture clash” with her supervisors. The culture clash she refers to is the leniency with which Disney officials deal with pedophilia. 

While this story may be from 2014, it explains the alarming rates of pedophilia and grooming going on at Disney today. Not only does Disney fail to do legitimate background checks, but they also try to hide pedophilic sexual assault rather than address it.

Conservatives must begin voting with their wallets and refuse to sponsor such a corrupt corporation that seeks to destroy our nation’s values with its “gay agenda.”



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