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Dozens of American Food Production and Storage Facilities Catch Fire or Hit By Planes in Past Few Weeks

The ongoing supply chain issues resulting from the war in Ukraine and pandemic economic restrictions have caused great concern for a coming global food shortage [1]. This global famine will impact the entire world.

However, it seems that malicious actors are specifically targeting America’s domestic food supply. Over just the last few weeks, more than a dozen food processing plants and warehouses have been destroyed or seriously damaged in “freak accidents.”

Many of us would like to write these incidents at several food processing plants as a mere coincidence, but you’ll see a disturbing trend if you look at each case. 

On April 21st, a plane crashed into a General Mills food facility [2] in Georgia. Bystanders saw the plane flying at a low altitude and believed it had engine issues. Covington Police Department Captain Ken Malcolm described the plane crash its result in the following way: 

“Suddenly, the plane veered to the right and immediately came straight down and crashed into the lot behind us… The aircraft immediately exploded upon crashing into four empty tractor-trailers…. The crash occurred approximately 300 yards from the physical plant where employees were working.”

If this were an isolated incident, it would simply be a tragic story in which a plane malfunctioned, resulting in the death of a pilot, a bystander, and damage to the General Mills plant. However, this is not an isolated incident. 

On April 14th, a plane crashed into Gem State Processing, an Idaho potato and food processing plant. There were also limited casualties in this instance, as only the pilot died in the crash. Gem State Processing sources 16,000 acres of Idaho potatoes and is a crucial facility to the region. 

When the food processing plants aren’t being hit by planes, they are, in many instances, catching fire. 

Azure Standard, the nation’s largest [3]independent distributor of organic and healthy food, was destroyed by a fire overnight approximately a week ago. Again, no one was injured. But, the entire facility was destroyed. 

Similarly, in March, an Oregon potato chip plant was destroyed by a fire. Not long after, Rio Fresh [4], an agricultural warehouse facility, was severely damaged by a fire. 

The food processing facilities named in this article serve simply to show the current trend. Be aware that these are just a few of many of the instances of fiery destruction occurring at our nation’s food processing plants and storage facilities over the past weeks. 

There are, of course, conspiracy theories that postulate who is behind the attacks on American food production. The most reasonable among them seems to be a coordinated effort by the Chinese government. China has already breached the U.S. agricultural industry, investing in American farmland and stealing or hacking [5] all agricultural technology we own. 

An alternative theory, which has far less credibility, claims Bill Gates is behind the recent food production “accidents.” Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is currently the United States’ largest private farmland owner [6].

In addition to claiming to be an expert on pandemics, Bill Gates has become deeply concerned over the American diet and its relation to sustainability and global warming. Gates has urged elites to install environmentally-friendly regulations on agricultural industries, such as to have Americans consume a purely synthetic [7]beef diet. 

Due to Gates’ tendency to force his values upon Americans, memes are now circulating that place the blame on him for recent agricultural facility fires: 

While these conspiracy theories are certainly audacious, crazier things have proven to be true. It wasn’t long ago that most people claimed that the existence of a billionaire-owned pedophile island was simply a crazy conspiracy theory by right wing nuts. The disregard for such a theory allowed Epstein to continue abusing girls for years. 

Whatever the cause of these fires is, serious investigations must take place to find the cause. Americans are already paying far too much at grocery stores for necessary items as a result of supply chain issues. Further price increases due to seemingly targeted attacks on American food production must be prevented at all costs. 



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