Despite being two years into the pandemic, Democrat elites in deep-blue cities continue to inflict medical tyranny on their constituents. Beginning April 18th, Philadelphia will be the first major city to reinstate a mask mandate for all indoor and public spaces. 

Of course, Philadelphia Democrats claim these mandates are an essential tool to control the spread of COVID-19. However, even the CDC has admitted that the vast majority of masks are ineffective at stopping the spread of COVID. Medical grade N95 masks supposedly work but require proper training to use. If an individual continually readjusts their N95 mask, touching their face in the process, they actually increase the likelihood of receiving the virus. 

So, if masks don’t work, why do Democrats continue to forward mask mandates? It’s because they want to acclimate their constituents to authoritarianism. If inner-city Democrats can get away with muzzling adults and children with masks, they can enforce a series of liberty infringing policies on the compliant masses in the future. 

Philadelphia government officials have pointed to the recent uptick in COVID cases to support the mandate. At the beginning of April, the city saw an average of 84 cases a day. Now, there is an average of 142 new cases a day. 

While this is a drastic uptick in COVID cases, it is not a cause for concern. Hospitalizations due to COVID in Philadelphia are virtually unchanged. There were 44 hospitalizations at the beginning of the month, and there are now only 43. 

It is likely that this mask mandate will have severe consequences for incumbent Philadelphia Democrats because the American public is largely done with pandemic restrictions. Philadelphia business owners have already begun to voice their concerns. Ben Fileccia, senior director of operations for the PA Restaurant & Lodging Association, had the following to say: 

“This announcement is a major blow to thousands of small businesses and other operators in the city who were hoping this spring would be the start of recovery. While the rest of the commonwealth has moved forward navigating life with COVID, Philadelphia has stepped back by imposing another mandate and expecting it to be enforced by businesses and their employees.”

Philadelphia politicians are now veering further into medical tyranny while the White House has moved away from it dramatically. 

In the face of recent unfavorable polling, the Biden administration reversed its position on COVID-19 and is no longer forwarding wide-scale federal mandates. This was seen clearly in a recent appearance by Dr. Fauci on ABC news, who changed his tune dramatically, claiming that COVID should be handled at the individual level: 

“It’s going to be a person’s decision about the individual risks they’re going to take. This is not going to be eradicated, and it’s not going to be eliminated. So you’re going to make a question and an answer for yourself, for me as an individual, for you as an individual. What is my age? What is my status? Do I have people at home who are vulnerable that if I bring the virus home there may be a problem?” 

Fauci’s position on personal responsibility for healthcare decisions, rather than governmental responsibility, was held by conservatives throughout the pandemic. Those in the Biden administration claim that the data changed drastically in recent months to warrant a policy reversal. However, this is untrue. The only data change occurred in the polling that showed that the American people no longer tolerate medical tyranny. 

If Philadelphia Democrats think increased COVID authoritarianism is a winning playbook, they are in for a rude awakening. Even if Philadelphia Democrats can win re-election for their next term, Philadelphia will continue to degrade into irrelevancy if it continues to operate via medical tyranny. 



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