While conservatives have been rightly concerned over the injection of critical race theory and subjective gender ideology into public schools, there is now an even more concerning movement afoot. The Satanic Temple is sponsoring the After School Satan Club for elementary schools across the country.

Recently, an After School Satan Club was set to launch in Northern Elementary School in York, Pennsylvania. Thankfully, parents came out in droves to a recent school board meeting in protest. 

At the school board meeting, angry parents were accompanied by children, some of whom were waiving “No Satan” signs. One such parent told local Fox 43 the following: 

“I never thought anything like this would come to the district… I don’t want my son to be exposed to anything of the sort.”

Another parent made the following statement to a reporter at the school board meeting: 

“It’s not for the best interest to happen and it’s not in God’s name, God’s will for this to happen.”

Due to the mob of rightfully angered parents, the Northern Elementary School board was forced to reject the After School Satan Club proposal in an 8-1 vote. 

Northern Elementary School students may have been spared from the presence of a Satanic club, but many other schools have not been so fortunate. There are already dozens of After School Satan Clubs at public schools in the United States as part of the Satanic Temple’s “nationwide campaign.”

The Satanic Temple is pushing to influence children under the age of five in response to the success of the 5,000 Good News Christian Clubs in public schools across the country. The Satanic Temple has been open about its intentions, stating that they plan to open an After School Satan Club in every school that possesses a Good News Christian Club.

In a public statement, the Satanic Temple gave the following description of their After School Stan Clubs:

“[The clubs] promote self-directed education by supporting the intellectual and creative interests of students. After School Satan Clubs will focus on free inquiry and rationalism, the scientific basis for which we know what we know about the world around us.”

Satanic Temple officials have defended the expansion of their clubs, stating that they are simply atheist organizations and that Satanists don’t actually believe in spiritual evil or the Devil. 

The Satanic Temple’s claims of altruistic intentions are empty. Followers of Satanism fail to understand that Satan is a master of deception, and his greatest accomplishment is convincing his subjects that he does not exist. 

A spokesman from the Good News Club stated rejected the Satanists’ claims, saying: 

“The real spiritual danger is in believing that Satan does not exist. The Satan Temple is doing the Devil’s work whether they acknowledge it or not.”

Parents must become more involved in their children’s public school education now more than ever. Not only are leftist teachers telling children that biological sex doesn’t exist and that white people are inherently racist, but they are also promoting the spread of Satanism. 



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