Last week, we reported on the real dangers women face due to subjective gender ideology, the belief that gender is a social construct. Due to this ideology, a man named Demi Minor was admitted to a New Jersey women’s prison in which he impregnated two of his fellow female inmates. Less than a week later, news has broken of a similar incident in which a man identifying as a woman raped another prisoner at New York’s Rikers Island. 

The male rapist was Ramel Blount, who demands the world refer to him as a female named Diamont Blount. A letter from the District Attorney of Bronx County described the rape in the following way: 

“In the Rose M. Singer Correctional Center, transgender inmate Ramel Blount raped a female inmate in the bathroom. The inmate reported the matter a few hours later and was brought to a local hospital where a rape kit was administered, which resulted in a DNA match to Blount. Blount was indicted on first-degree Rape, Sexual Misconduct, first-degree Sexual Abuse and Forcible Touching.”

This report from Darcel D. Clark fails to convey the violent and barbaric nature by which Ramel Blount raped his fellow female prisoner. Investigators have said that Blount waited until the victim finished showering, then pinned her down by the neck and began aggressively raping her. 

For this heinous crime, Blount has only had his prison sentence extended seven years. Any true conservative should be appalled at such lenient sentencing. In a rational society, Blount, like any other male rapist, should face life in prison, specifically, a men’s prison. 

Subjective gender ideology is dangerous because it overlooks biological realities, namely, that men generally have the capacity to overpower women. To deny this is to take a stance counter to feminism and counter to the plight of sexual assault victims, the majority of them female.  

Despite the assault occurring over a year ago, it has only recently been brought to light by investigative journalists. Certain neutral media outlets, such as the New York Post, are now reporting on the incident. However, no one in the mainstream media has touched this story. 

What’s more interesting is that the protection and safety of incarcerated women should be a feminist issue. Yet, no women on the left have acknowledged the story for fear of being labeled transphobic. 

Democrats don’t just overlook instances in which biological males rape women. They facilitate it by forwarding incarceration policies that allow transgender “women” among female prisoners. Therefore, in treating the transgender community as a holy cow, the left has completely abandoned women’s issues. 

In a press statement a few days ago, Bronx County District Attorney Darcel Clark addressed the rape of a woman by transgender inmate Ramel Blount: 

“Sexual violence against anyone is unacceptable.”

Clark didn’t have much to say beyond this, and he failed to discuss the particularities of the Riker’s rape incident, such as the fact that Ramel is a biological man. 

It’s unsurprising that Bronx County District Attorney Darcel Clark prioritizes the feelings of the transgender community over the increased threat of sexual assault on women. That’s because leftist lawmakers across the country have been forwarding a similar policy.

For example, numerous transgender felons have sexually assaulted female inmates in Seattle’s prison system. However, you probably have not heard these stories as it is not convenient for the mainstream narrative. 



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