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The Top *8* Gain-of-Function Viruses and Toxins in the Covid-19 Shot

It's time to expose the evil deeds of those behind the bioweapon...

The Covid-19 injections are bioweapons that contain gain-of-function chimeric viruses and toxins under the guise of mRNA therapeutic vaccines combined with a diagnostic/therapeutic lipid nanoparticle platform (LNP).

Per the patent, the LNP can target specific organs and systems throughout the body including but not limited to reproductive, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and the central nervous system specifically crossing the blood brain barrier.

These are super antigens that can induce inflammatory cytokine gene induction aka cytokine storm.

The viruses and toxins include:




HIV Glycoprotein 120

Rabies Virus G Protein

Staph Enterotoxin-B

Krait Neurotoxin

Cobra Neurotoxin

I hope that on-going releases from the patents and case studies will once and for all expose the physicians, pastors, company CEOs, and government agents who have advocated for, even forced, their patients, congregations, and employees to get repeated, worthless, dangerous testing and to be involuntarily subjected to this gene-altering, immuno-suppressive injection.

These people and their messengers are the real venom and snakes that need to be exposed, judged, punished, and then eliminated. It’s time to expose every evil deed they’ve done.

I pray what is happening now is God’s great awakening!


Watch John Di Lemme’s interview with Dr. Betsy Eads about the Top *8* Toxins Found in the Vaccine aka Bioweapon…

Listen to this powerful interview here…




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