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Travelers Forced to Re-Mask When Entering New York Airports

In a major blow to medical tyranny, a federal judge in Florida struck down the CDC’s national mandate covering airlines and other transportation methods.

However, certain leftist strongholds, primarily in New York, have refused to withdraw their mask mandates. This has led to extreme confusion at LaGuardia and JFK airports, as travelers experience confusing mask mandates. 

Following the Florida judge’s ruling, United, Delta, American, and most other major airlines have dropped their mask mandates. Passengers onboard these flights were relieved to finally breathe fresh air, but this relief was momentary for those headed to New York. 

New York’s masking policy has led to an incoherent and unscientific approach to COVID-19. Travelers must wear masks throughout LaGuardia and JFK airports but can ditch the mask the second they step onto an airplane. 

Shortly after the national mask mandate was lifted, most travelers could be seen walking past signs throughout LaGuardia airport maskless. Many of them walked past signs calling for masks to be worn, believing that these signs were simply outdated.  

Various travelers at LaGuardia airport expressed their frustrations with the masking policies to New York Post [1] reporters: 

“I try to comply and be respectful, but it’s hard because there are so many different rules right now. It’s hard to grasp all of them to know what to do. It would be nice for everybody to be on the same page.”

Another traveler said: 

“We are coming from different parts of the United States, and with different rules at different airports, it’s hard to keep up.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul confirmed that she approves of continued mask mandates. In a tweet [2], she informed travelers that they would need to be muzzled for the foreseeable future: 

“In accordance with @HealthNYGov’s determination, masks are still required on @MTA. Do your part to keep your neighbors safe. Get vaccinated, get tested, stay home if you feel sick, and wear a mask in settings where required, like on public transit and in health care facilities.”

New Yorkers also must wear masks on all subways, taxis, and for-hire vehicles. This has caused distress among Uber drivers and passengers who cross state lines. Uber withdrew its masking requirement immediately after the Florida judge’s ruling. However, under New York’s masking rules, drivers are expected to re-mask any time they cross state boundaries. 

New York’s continued masking mandate is petty and ineffectual. While Democrats claim that these efforts will make New York a safer place, they will only scare more rational people away from a once-great state. 



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