Under the direction of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Canadian government is now issuing journalism licenses. This authoritarian move will transform their free press into something that looks much more like George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth in his novel 1984

In Orwell’s novel, the Ministry of Truth was actually the ministry of propaganda and was responsible for falsifying historical and modern affairs to best suit the government’s agenda. Canada’s licensed journalists will serve much the same purpose as Orwell’s Ministry of Truth and only report on state-approved material. 

Rebel News, a right-leaning Canadian media outlet, was recently denied its journalism license by Trudeau’s newly assembled review board. Trudeau’s censorious review board determined that only 1% of what Rebel News publishes is news, and therefore the outlet does not deserve a journalism license.

When a government is able to determine what “news” is, it has already become a socialist dictatorship. It should also be noted that Rebel News is a respected media outlet that does not intend to publish false or misleading information. 

The Founder of Rebel News, Ezra Levant, recently described the situation to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson in the following way:

“It’s not yet illegal to do journalism without that license. It’s a government license called the Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization License. A government panel reviews you. They spent one year reviewing Rebel News, looking through more than 100 of our stories. A panel of five people in secret: We don’t even know what they said or did or what they looked at. And they claim that only one percent of our stories are news, so we don’t get the license.”

It is not surprising that one of the first media outlets Trudeau targets is Rebel News. Journalists from Rebel News have been known to report on the truth surrounding the experimental COVID-19 vaccines and the potential dangers that come with them. In the past, Trudeau smeared Rebel News as engaging in “disinformation on the science around vaccines” and stated he could not describe them as a “media organization.”

While it is not yet illegal for unapproved news outlets, like Rebel News, to operate, they are severely handicapped. For example, outlets that do not have government approval are banned from all government events. This means that Trudeau will never again have to answer a difficult question from Rebel News reporters. 

Trudeau has also spoken to Big Tech CEOs as he wishes to down-rank non-licensed journalists. That way, whenever Canadians search for a news story, outlets with government approval will appear first. 

When Trudeau froze the bank accounts of Canadian Freedom Convoy participants, it was clear that Trudeau had serious authoritarian ambitions. However, with Trudeau’s destruction of the Canadian free press, it is evident that the United States is sharing its border with a nation verging on socialist dictatorship. 




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