Last Friday, a federal judge from the Louisiana Western District Court blocked the Biden administration’s attempt to end Title 42. Title 42 was introduced by the Trump administration at the start of the pandemic to reduce the spread of COVID by limiting the number of illegal aliens processed at the southern border. Biden’s Justice Department is now appealing the federal judge’s decision, demanding that Title 42 be removed to increase the flow of illegal immigration. 

The Biden administration planned to end Title 42 by May 23rd. Immigration experts believe ending Title 42 would result in a “colossal” wave of illegal aliens flooding into the country. With Biden and other Democrats incentivizing illegal immigration, Title 42 is the only thing holding back the hordes of undocumented and dangerous criminals. As of now, 55% of all illegal aliens denied entry are done so via Title 42. 

Despite the Biden administration trying to hold onto masking and vaccine mandates for as long as possible, they have been urgently pushing to remove any COVID traveling restrictions on illegal aliens. Under Biden’s direction, the CDC announced plans to terminate Title 42 in April, claiming it’s no longer necessary given “current public health conditions and increased availability of vaccines and treatments for COVID-19.” 

However, just a few days before Title 42 was supposed to end, Judge Robert Summerhays found that the Biden administration did not follow proper procedures in rescinding the order. Summerhays provided the following description of how the Biden administration violated proper legal procedures under the Administrative Procedure Act: 

“Simply put, the CDC has not explained how the present circumstances prevented the CDC from issuing the Termination Order through the required notice and comment process under the APA.”

In a rush to get illegal aliens into the country, the Biden administration attempted to end Title 42 without going through the notice and comment process, which can take multiple months to complete. 

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich led the lawsuit against the Biden administration for attempting to end Title 42. He called Judge Summerhays’ ruling a “great win”: 

“I am so happy with the result today and so proud of our team for literally leading the effort to push back against the Biden administration’s attempt to rescind Title 42. As you know, Title 42 is one of the last tools in our toolbox to stop an even great flood of illegal immigration into our country.”

Ending Title 42 is something only the radical left wants, which is the majority of the Democrat party at this point. When the Biden administration announced their plans to rescind the order, moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin, Mark Kelly, and Krysten Sinema called it a huge mistake. Manchin stated the following: 

“I think they should reconsider. I sent a letter. I’m against removing Title 42. If anything, we should be looking at permanency on Title 42. Maybe that would spur us to get a good immigration policy that works for Americans and secure our borders — the borders have to be secure.”

Despite Title 42 remaining in effect, illegal border crossings have hit new record highs. Since Title 42 only prevents many illegal aliens from applying for asylum, this means that they are more apt to illegally enter the country. In this year alone, there were 155,000 border apprehensions in January and a staggering 234,000 last month. Therefore, Title 42 is merely a bandaid that cannot effectively cover the gaping hole at our southern border. 

Conservative politicians, such as Governor Gregg Abbott, have acknowledged this reality. While Abbott celebrates the continuation of Title 42, he demands that a long-term solution be pursued:

“One thing that we know for a fact, and that is there are maybe as many as 100,000 migrants who are across the border waiting to cross into the state of Texas. And we as a state, we being the local communities that are represented here in this room today, they’re all dealing with the enormous challenge of having a tidal wave of people come into their communities.”

Anytime a judge interrupts Biden’s nation-destroying plans, it is a good thing. However, this nation needs common-sense immigration reform that finally puts an end to the constant stream of illegal aliens coming through our southern border, though this is highly unlikely to happen as long as the radicals are in charge. 





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