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Elementary School Hands Out “Anti-Racist Fightclub Fistbooks” to Expose Racist Family Members

Critical Race Theory (CRT) once again rears its ugly head in public schools as third-grade students at Janney Elementary School [1] in D.C. were forced to participate in an Anti-Racism Fight Club presentation. One aspect of this anti-racism presentation was a book given to children in which they were instructed to identify members of their family that should be deemed racist by woke standards. 

On its face, anti-racism is something any reasonable person should support. Racism is a grievous moral sin that should be combatted whenever possible. However, the recent anti-racism movement seen within public schools and universities is, at its core, anti-American and Marxist. 

Understanding what leftists mean by anti-racism before discussing this specific story is essential. So, the following is a brief definition. 

When the radical left uses the term racism, they do so in a semantically overloaded [2] way. To them, racism is not isolated to an individual’s prejudices but can be used to characterize all of America’s major institutions, hence systemic racism. Radical leftists consider those who do not believe racism is endemic to American society are bigots or, at best, ignorant. Thus, anti-racism demands that one fights for a revolution against racist American systems akin to a Marxist cultural revolution. 

The Anti-Racism Fight Club presentation was presented to Janney Elementary School third-grade children by critical race theorist Doyin Richards. Richards is prominent in the critical race theory sphere and anti-racism. Many major woke companies have hired them to teach their employees about their white privilege and fragility, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. On his website [3], Richards smears American history in the following way: 

“Let’s face it — racism is as American as apple pie and baseball. Overt racism is becoming normalized, systemic racism runs unchecked in our workplaces, and racial microaggressions in our communities are just the tip of the iceberg…it [racism] has been a permanent stain on American history since before the ink was dry on the Declaration of Independence. Being quietly not racist won’t cut it anymore.”

It is one thing for private companies to hire Richards to teach their employees this garbage. But, it is far more problematic for a taxpayer-funded public school to hire his service to instill racist ideas of white fragility and privilege into third graders’ minds. 

Following Richards’ Anti-Racism Fight Club presentation, children were given a book titled “Anti-Racism Fight Club Fistbook for Kids.” On the cover of the book, it implies the violent nature with which it expects children to confront those deemed “racist”:

“It’s a Fight Club, We don’t do ‘handbooks.'”

In Richards’ “Fistbook,” it implies that children who do not admit they have white privilege are racist: 

“It’s not your fault for having white privilege, but it is your fault if you choose to ignore it.”

The most concerning aspect of the Fistbook is the section that instructs children on how to deal with their “racist” family members. By Richards’ standards, most liberty-loving Americans would be deemed racist for not believing that the U.S. was founded on racism and slavery. If your child was educated by Richards, they’d report you as a racist to their school teachers. 

By turning children against their family members, Richards and the woke faculty of Janney Elementary are acting like the authoritarians of the 20th century. They are using the same mechanisms used by the Nazi party, which employed its Hitler Youth to report their parents to the state for acts against the Nazi party. 



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