On April 8th, a 15-year-old girl was abducted after going to the bathroom at a Dallas Mavericks game. Following eleven days of unimaginable abuse, the girl was recovered after coordination between police departments and a nonprofit group called Texas Counter-Trafficking Initiative (TXCTI).

While we can be thankful that the girl was recovered, this story shows how American institutions horribly failed this child by refusing to respond quickly and with any level of sincerity. 

The failure of institutions began with the American Airlines Center (AAC), the home of the Dallas Mavericks. A fraudulent ticket seller, known to both the AAC and Mavericks, sold a fake ticket to the child sex trafficker. If the AAC had appropriately policed their venue, the 15-year-old girl would never have come into contact with this degenerate filth.  

When the 15-year-old girl did not return from the bathroom, her father immediately notified AAC security, staff, and the Dallas police department. However, they were reluctant to help. When the Maverick’s game ended, the father was instructed to go home despite his daughter still missing. 

The missing girl’s parents pleaded with the Dallas Police Department (DPD) to open an investigation into the case, but they refused. Instead, DPD urged the family to file the case where the juvenile resides. Dallas police cited Texas Family Code (51.03 b. 3) for their refusal, which states: 

“Missing juveniles are investigated as runaways unless there are circumstances which appear as involuntary such as a kidnapping or abduction.”

Citing this statute is insulting to the missing child and her family, as we cannot understand why they concluded this was a runaway rather than an abduction. But, they were clearly wrong in this assessment, and it led to the extended sexual abuse of this poor 15-year-old girl. The father of the missing girl had the following to say on the subject: 

“My daughter was missing in Dallas, this is a Dallas case, but they refused to open a case for her.”

With the AAC and DPD refusing to help, the family turned to the nonprofit group Texas Counter-Trafficking Initiative (TXCTI). This independent organization did far more to support the family than the taxpayer-funded DPD. TXCTI was able to locate the 15-year-old girl by tracking down explicit images of her from a prostitution website based out of Oklahoma City. 

TXCTI provided enough information for police to track down the victim and the abusers at an Extended Stay America hotel, resulting in the arrest of eight individuals involved in the abduction and other related sex trafficking crimes. 

The victim’s family is also outraged with Extended Stay America for failing to implement proper safety and security protocols. The child sex traffickers used a fake ID to rent multiple rooms for multiple nights at the Extended Stay America hotel in Oklahoma City. 

Child sex abuse is a horrendous crime that should be matched with force and vigilance from all police departments and private institutions. However, this case shows how nearly every level of American society failed to respond to the needs of a child sex trafficking victim. The victim’s family lawyer summarized the situation the following way: 

“The systems and organizations involved in this case continually failed the victim. She should never have had contact with the man at the Mavericks game. The Dallas Police should have worked quickly to investigate leads and locate the teenager before she was trafficked to Oklahoma…The Extended Stay America hotel in Oklahoma City put profits ahead of people by turning a blind eye to the sexual exploitation occurring right before their eyes. This victim’s life will forever be changed. We hope to hold accountable those responsible and create change within these organizations so that this never happens to any other child.” 


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