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NYC Pro-Choice Protesters Rip Heads off Baby Dolls While Screaming “I’m Killing the Babies”

Last week, abortion advocates protested outside of NYC’s St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral over Justice Alito’s draft opinion, which would overturn Roe v. Wade. Such protests have always been common among baby-killing advocates.

However, this protest was a particularly horrific display that involved an activist ripping the heads off of baby dolls while saying, “I’m killing the babies!” and “God killed his son, why can’t I?”

The actions of many “pro-choice” advocates at the St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral show one thing clearly: abortion has become an unholy and demonic sacrament for the radical left. 

If you wish to watch a video of the baby-killing protestors, you can do so below. Be mindful that the video shows radical leftists acting in a vile manner…

 Today’s Left. pic.twitter.com/xeR3kh3uyj [1]

Members of the media characterize the individual leading the protest as an “NYC-based performance artist” who goes by Crackhead Barney [3]. Barney’s work may seem like satire intended to make the left seem idiotic. But, when looking at her history of work, it is evident Barney uses the characterization of “performance artist” as an excuse and shield to protest all conservative issues in a crude way.

 At the “pro-choice” protest, a thin line of brave Christian men stood in front of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral stood a thin line of brave Christian men. These men carried a banner with the image of the Virgin Mary and braced to protect their site of religious worship from the unholy mob. 

Crackhead Barney, adorned in an ill-fitting one-piece bathing suit, carried baby dolls tied together with pink fabric, which she claimed to be her uterus. She began shouting into the faces of the men protecting the church while violently ripping apart the baby dolls: 

“They terrorizing my [email protected] uterus. Look! I’m killing the babies. I’m killing the [email protected] babies. I’m killing them. I’m killing them.”

After being escorted away from the church for threatening the Christians, she sprawled out on the asphalt outside, where she proceeded to pretend to give birth to one of the baby dolls. Upon giving birth, she repeatedly smashed the baby doll onto the asphalt to the cheers of all leftists standing by. 

Crackhead Barney was then handed a megaphone and moved to the front of the mob. She berated and insulted the Christian men who had begun praying while standing in front of the church:

“Stop fucking praying! It’s not fucking working. Help us! Help me!… God killed his son. Why can’t I?”

While Crackhead Barney’s actions were undoubtedly disgusting, there were a variety of other activists who carried themselves more seriously yet had even more awful things to say. One female pro-choice advocate in a green hoodie was moved to tears while singing in a choir-like manner: 

“Thank God for abortion! Thank God for abortion! Thank God for abortion…”

That same activist was later handed a microphone, and she discussed how she was a proud baby killer: 

“Thank God for abortion! You don’t need to like abortion. Don’t f*cking have one! I was raised by a very pro-choice mother. And I knew, when I saw the positive on that test, that I was not ready to be a parent. I knew I had a choice [a baby], and I went to my Planned Parenthood and I thank them very much for helping me out [killing my baby].”

When the radical left abandoned religion, they struggled to find a uniting force that could give them meaning and fulfillment in their lives. With this God-shaped hole in their lives, they have decided to fill it with unholy activities, such as abortion which they praise as a sacred act.

That is why leftists adamantly support baby-killing as a way to cement their standing in the cult of secularism or even Satanism. Abortion is the left’s unholy sacrament.




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