Biden Visits Clinic to Celebrate COVID Vaccine Authorization for Children

The Biden administration and Big Pharma are now coming for your babies.

With just two-and-a-half years since the experimental COVID-19 vaccine was announced, federal agencies have approved its use for children six months and older. Deaths from COVID-19 are virtually nonexistent among such young children, yet the Biden administration is urging parents and physicians to administer these ineffective and potentially dangerous vaccines to babies and toddlers. To celebrate the COVID-19 jabs for toddlers, Biden and the first lady visited a D.C. vaccine center filled with children. 

 Biden’s visit to the child vaccine center showed the political ineptitude of his administration. For one, it’s a political stunt that makes most Americans uncomfortable. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey conducted last month, only 18% of parents are willing to vaccinate their children under the age of five. This makes the pro-vaccine parents a minority, as most other parents refuse to vaccinate their children or are waiting for more long-term studies to be done.  

President Biden made the following remarks while at the vaccine clinic:  

“Relief, isn’t it? Being able to do it [vaccinate 6-month-old babies]? We’re the only country in the world doing this right now… We’re going to beat this thing. You’ll be able to go anywhere you want.” 

For parents that are rightly skeptical about vaccinating their children, these remarks are not reassuring. The fact that the United States is the first country to begin vaccinating children 6-months and older is a worrying fact.

This means other countries are being much more hesitant than we are and that American children are being used as guinea pigs. It is likely that Big Pharma played a role in pushing the CDC to approve their lucrative and experimental vaccine for a previously protected age group.  

Biden’s political stunt also did not go over well with the American people because it’s never a good idea to put Biden in a room full of children. The current president has a disturbing history of inappropriately touching children. Throughout the entire vent, Biden refused to practice “safe social distancing” with the newly vaccinated toddlers, dispensing hugs and carrying a few of them around the clinic. When talking to a reporter, Biden joked about how good a time he was having at the vaccine clinic:   

“Everybody knows I like kids better than people.” 

When Biden returned to the White House, he continued talking about the children he met:  

“Thank you very much. As you can tell, I didn’t want to leave the clinic. Those children were wonderful.  

While these statements would come across as heartwarming from an elderly gentleman, Joe Biden’s behavior with children over the years has made many people claim he has pedophilic tendencies.  

The FDA and CDC have authorized Moderna’s two-dose vaccine and Pfizer’s BioNTech three-shot regimen for children six months and older. These vaccines were shoved upon Americans through an emergency use authorization that removed any legal liability from the vaccine manufacturers. After administrating hundreds of millions of experimental jabs across the nation, the Biden administration and Big Pharma are now coming for your kids. 



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