I am NOT talking about the 2020 election. I am talking about the 2022 midterms. There is evidence that mail-in voting, voting machine discrepancies, ballot harvesting, drop box stuffing and other tactics were used in the 2020 election. So, we must ask the next logical question. If this was successfully done once to sway an election, could and would it be done again? The obvious answer is Yes.

This midterm election poses new issues and hurdles for the left and their activists. Some states are working on or have passed laws preventing some of the illegal and even unconstitutional activities of 2020. The other issue in the upcoming midterms is the left is the underdog and substantially the underdog.

They stand the possibility of losing over 40 seats in the House of Representatives. This is known to the media, the left, the right, the RINOs and the general population. The left needs a huge game changer to make this election a positive for them. So how can the left reduce their losses or even maintain power? Change the circumstances of the election. They will whip out the playbook from 2020.

The highest court in New York struck down New York’s redrawing of congressional districts for the US House on April 27, 2022. The democrats had counted on picking up 4 congressional seats with the new gerrymandered democrat favored map that was ruled unconstitutional. This was going to be the road map for other states to use to redraw their congressional maps to mitigate the Red Wave that is building and will send Republicans to a large majority in the House in the midterms.

This legal loss creates an urgent need to win in November for the democrats, it also means the only way to do so is to manipulate the election, to change the circumstances.

So, we must ask the question… What fixes inflation, high gas prices and poor polling numbers for the left? A Lockdown. A lockdown reduces demand for products and services lessening the effects of inflation. A lockdown reduces the effects of high gas prices because people are not travelling or filling up as often, you know out of sight, out of mind.

A lockdown justifies mail-in ballots, ballot drop boxes and allows for an easier manipulation of the election through nefarious acts, either sanctioned by the political elites or undertaken by individual leftist activists of their own accord. Enter lockdowns for covid, correct? No. The American public is done with covid.

The vast majority now see it for what it is and always has been, a flu. Yes, there are some still wearing masks when they are alone in their own cars, those simply can not be helped and can be convinced to fear their own shadow. What then? Enter stage right Monkeypox.

So let me tell you why this is so perfect. It has an incubation period of 21 days. This means people that have some type of physical contact with another human must wonder for 21 days whether they have contracted monkeypox. Think, going down a grocery store aisle and inadvertently touching the
persons arm standing behind you while turning to reach for your cart. The next 21 days will have a percentage of the population panicked over that incidental contact.

Pictures with covid, fear had to be communicated with words. Monkeypox moves this into the realm of pictures. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words as the old cliché goes. Now, fear can be spread with a picture on the television that is repeated without sound. Covid required you to be TOLD to be scared, monkeypox manifests physically and a picture easily communicates the effects of being infected. The influence of a picture will move those that are sitting on the fence to fear monkeypox and join the ranks of those that are still wearing masks.

Combine that level of fear with the talking points of the left.  I can hear it now; it is not safe to walk into a voting booth where others have touched the machines. Our election workers and our election system are not designed to cleanse and wipe down every machine after every voter, our elections cannot be held in person safely.

If we were to even try in person voting the voting lines would extend for days, we will disenfranchise voters with lines and possible exposure to monkeypox. The “solutions/talking points” will be demanded by politicians, pitched by agenda-based doctors, heralded by the media and parroted on social media as the gospel as the ONLY safe solution to voting.

We will have extended voting periods, votes counted weeks after the end of the election, ballot drop boxes on every corner, mail-in voting, ballot harvesting and other methods ripe with ability to be tainted with fraud. We, the American public, will be stuck yet again with an election that will further erode our belief in safe, secure and fair elections where One American citizen gets One Vote.




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