Ron DeSantis has, yet again, proven that he is America’s best governor by showing how much conservative politicians can do to uphold liberty if they have the courage to act. The Special Olympics was forced to reverse its Covid-19 vaccine mandate after DeSantis threatened the organization with a $27.5 million fine.  

DeSantis was able to act in this instance because the 2022 Special Olympics is being held in Orlando, Florida. The Special Olympics released the following statement after reversing their liberty infringing vaccine mandate: 

“Special Olympics, Inc. (SOI) announced on June 2, 2022, that it is lifting the vaccine requirement for delegation members attending…Delegates who were registered for the Games but were unable to participate due to the prior vaccine requirement, now have the option to attend.” 

 On Thursday, under DeSantis’ direction, the Florida Department of Health sent a letter to Special Olympics International that threatened the organization with a $27.5 million fine over its vaccine mandate. This vaccine mandate would have affected the 5,500 athletes and trainers expecting to attend the event. Florida was able to levy a $27.5 million fine against the organization because DeSantis enacted a state-wide ban on requiring proof of vaccination in November.  

Florida Department of Health’s letter to the Special Olympics stated the following: 

“This letter is notice that the Special Olympics International (SOI) is assessed a $27.5 million fine for 5,500 violations of section 381.00316(1), Florida Statutes… The Department finds that SOI violated Florida Statutes by requiring proof certifying Covid-19 vaccination… Payments must be made within 30 days of entry of the final order in this manner.” 

During a press conference on Friday, DeSantis touted the Special Olympics reversing its mandate as a big win for liberty and the thousands of participating athletes. He also said:  

“What connection that [vaccination status] has to competing, I don’t understand. We’ve never seen something wielded like this vaccine to try to marginalize disfavored people. And a lot of these special Olympians have also had Covid by now. Most people have had it by now.” 

The leftist media has already begun to target DeSantis for standing up for medical freedom. One article from the Rollingstone is titled “Ron DeSantis Bullied the Special Olympics into Dropping Its Vaccine Requirement.” 

This is a clear political victory for DeSantis, seeing how the left cannot argue against his stance on vaccine requirements and must resort to calling him a bully. Quite frankly, the conservative movement needs more bullies, meaning that we need more politicians who are not afraid to back down when it comes to protecting American liberty. Many considered Trump a bully throughout his presidency, but his temperament is what made him such a successful president both domestically and internationally.  

By forcing the Special Olympics to reverse its vaccine requirement, DeSantis has protected the medical liberty of one of America’s most marginalized communities. In doing so, DeSantis has also shown the power of the governorship, which should spur other Republican governors into action.  




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