Intentional Inflation: Destroying the American Dream

The United States government is making all of the wrong decisions to destroy the country.

I am certain you have heard Biden and his army of leftists say, “we have a booming economy and inflation is due to demand.” This view is being parroted in the halls of power in DC from Yellen to Pelosi to everyone on the left and the propaganda machine called the media.

The Biden administration is claiming to have created millions of jobs. This administration has not created one single job. All these falsehoods lead to the conclusion, in their minds, that the economy is experiencing inflation due to demand. They are either so far out of touch or they are doing this intentionally.

So, what is the playbook the federal reserve will follow if the belief the economy is experiencing inflation due to demand? Raise interest rates to slow demand. What does raising interest rates accomplish? We all know, mortgage rates increase and slows the demand for housing, which slows construction.

Raising interest rates also raises the interest rates that consumers pay for cars, new and used, which slows demand, the same goes for credit cards and all consumer spending. Slowing the economy puts people out of work.

What will this administration, like every other left administration, do? They will create a problem, offer a solution and make matters worse. The federal reserve will continue to raise rates, the economy will shed jobs and unemployment will climb. Business will slow and businesses will close.

What businesses will close…the small ones, the mom and pops. The small business owner is literally the last bastion of the middle class, and they are under immense pressure. Some have closed, some are barely hanging on and yet the hits delivered by an out of touch, bloated federal government keep on coming.

This administration will offer stimulus checks to Americans, extended unemployment benefits, offer minimum income do bail-outs and do some version of TARP again.

They will blame oil and “big oil companies” and push “green energy” with subsidized tax dollars. The parrots will scream that Green energy will prevent “high prices at the pump”. High prices at the pump are due to (insert an excuse here) and that is what caused inflation, the only answer is “green”. Listen for and to these false narratives.

The ANSWER, the only answer the left has is bigger government through regulations, through market interference and throwing taxpayer printed money at a problem. This administration will print more money and cause inflation to rise.

This all is the wrong approach, the TOTALLY WRONG APPROACH. You may ask, what is the correct policy to right this problem? Less government, less government interference in markets and no more printing money.

First, we must recognize that this is a supply driven inflation not driven by demand. We are short workers; global supply chains have come under pressure that is unknown in our history.

Second, we must recognize the importance of oil in a modern western economy.

Third, we must recognize that government printing money is a large part of the inflation we are experiencing.

Fourth, we must recognize that the labor shortage is due to the federal government subsidizing unemployment.

Once these four facts are acknowledged then the solution is simple.

First, we must deregulate the oil and gas industry in these United States. Sign new leases on federal land, offer incentives to invest in oil and gas, issue permits to build new refineries.

The United States opened up a “small” refinery, 35,000 barrels, in 2019, prior to that the last new refinery was built in 1977 by Marathon that refinery could produce 200,000 barrels per day. We must complete and open the Keystone XL pipeline. Unleash the American capitalist and American know how once again.

Second, we must FREEZE all federal spending for 2 years and then reduce federal spending by 2.5% for the following 4 years. This would reduce federal spending by 10% over six years.

Third, we must not print any more money. Stabilize the dollar and prevent the federal reserve from contributing to inflation.

Fourth, we must reduce unemployment benefits to 10 weeks. You also must not have drawn unemployment for a period of 2 years prior to filing a new claim.

We must allow American Freedom, American know how and American workers to solve this problem NOT the federal government.




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Robert Woods
meet the author

Robert Woods is an entrepreneur that has started and built businesses in a variety of verticals from retail and hospitality to distribution and logistics. He is also a consultant to businesses that need a turn around specialist or a process improvement analyst. Currently Robert owns several businesses, including a Farm to Fork home delivery food company that delivers the Safest, Healthiest and Best Quality meats in these United States. Robert also works with select non profits that are dear to his heart. Robert is a proud U.S Army Infantry veteran.

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