The repercussions of governments’ draconian COVID 19 policies are culturally far-reaching and societally transformative. Closing schools, masking, and the exposure of incendiary pedagogy like CRT, CSE, SEL, LGBT, and other propaganda have put parents on high alert, while recognizing that the degradation in our classrooms didn’t happen overnight.

Homeschooling has grown nationally by over 50%.

Education freedom advocate Sam Sorbo points out that while school boards and teachers’ unions fight for control of the kids, the system has already robbed parents, blind. Sorbo says the greatest heist in human history is the theft of family. Schools deprive parents of the relationship they should and would have with their children.

The CDC currently reports a 51% surge in youth suicide, rendering that theft irreversible, and that’s simply from the ill-conceived lockdowns. Even before then, a trans activist school group convinced Abigail Martinez’s daughter to “change her gender” and accept hormone therapy. Then, the school system, CPS, and the courts removed the girl from her home. She knelt in front of a speeding train, and Ms. Martinez will never see her daughter again.

Our own schooling convinced us we need our children to attend school – it was dead wrong. Failing test scores indicates a failing school system. Rising suicide, rampant bullying, and enraged, rebellious youth are the real results.

With the benefits of home education, like relaxed schedules, no bullying, better behaved children, and happier home lives, and more employees transferred from office to home, Sorbo predicts many more will join the movement.

“Schools drive families apart,” says Sorbo, “but our (school) training has normalized the destruction. Reprising the parents’ natural place as role models and leaders for our children is like switching from living in black and white to technicolor.”

Sorbo’s seminars empower parents to educate their children, freeing them from the restrictive shackles of government schools. “Don’t allow the system to steal your children from you. Home education is easier than you ever dreamed and more rewarding than you could possibly imagine!”

The Underground Education Playbook for Home Learning Conference will be hosted on June 24th from 6pm to 9pm and June 25th from 9am to 5pm in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The separate teen training, Take Flight: Teen Night, on Friday evening covers education and freedom from the youth perspective and includes entertaining games and pizza.

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Filmmakers and authors Kevin and Sam Sorbo have home educated their children for well over a decade. Underground Education is a nonprofit organization with the sole purpose of empowering and equipping families for home learning.