Most of us have had the experience of lounging on our comfy sofa, enjoying a snack, and watching a nail biting episode of Shark Tank.

You know how this plays out…

The business owner or entrepreneur walks confidently onto the set to face the “sharks” and then they completely fall apart the minute that they open their mouths.  Then Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary shouts “It’s only the biggest day of your life!”

This literally makes me sick to my stomach every time that I see it, because their embarrassment and even worse, the loss of a shark as a business partner could have been avoided!

Hundreds if not thousands of people have shared their awesome products and services on the show only to fail miserably, because they bombed their pitch.

No matter if you are on Shark Tank, sharing your business with clients in your office, or meeting a potential customer one-on-one, you must know how to pitch your business or you will ultimately bomb. It’s inevitable!

The following seven strategies will give you a sneak peek into the coaching that I do with my clients when I teach them how to create and deliver the ultimate business pitch.

Strategy #1 – Speak Results with Confidence
When you share/present your business, you must confidently speak the results that your customer, client, etc. will experience by doing business with you. You must tell them exactly where your business will take them and what it will ultimately do for them.

It helps to speak to them like people not someone that you are trying to get money from or impress. Despite what you’ve seen on Shark Tank, they are not vicious sharks that are out to tear you apart so there’s no reason to be scared or nervous.

They are potential business partners so start to develop that relationship with confidence the very moment that you open your mouth and tell them how your product or service will generate a huge return for them.

Strategy #2 – Confident, Focused Eye Contact and Words of Belief
Maintaining eye contact with your customer, client, etc. during your presentation will instantly show your level of confidence. When you look someone in the eye, they are fully aware that you mean business, and you are not intimidated by them.

Confident, focused eye contact and speaking powerful words of belief about your business will capture their attention and make them want to know more. Looking at the floor or closing your eyes and mumbling during your presentation is going to instantly cause you to bomb. So stand up straight, look them in the eye, and believe in what you are saying!

Strategy #3 – Attention Grabbing Body Language
Standing behind a podium or in one spot is a sure sign of an amateur. Move around. Gesture at your audience. Your body language will grab your customers’ attention just as much or more than your words.

Even if you are sitting, there are still ways to move so that you are engaging the person across from you. If you look bored, then they’ll be bored. If you are excited about your presentation, then they will be receptive to what you are saying. Don’t be overly animated or try to show off…just be yourself!

Strategy #4 – Know Your Numbers
Don’t even think about sharing or presenting your business to customers, clients, etc. if you don’t know your numbers – profit and loss. If you don’t know your bottom line numbers, then they have no reason to invest in your business. Why should someone invest in your business if YOU have no idea how much you are making or losing?

Plus know your potential beyond your actual numbers. What’s your potential projection over the next couple of years? If you don’t know where you’re going, then you will never get there!

Strategy #5 – Be a Product of Your Product
That’s right, you must be a product of the product or service that you are sharing with your customer, client, etc. If you don’t know your own product or service inside and out and use it yourself, then why would anyone else want to?

Product knowledge isn’t enough! You must be able to share on the spot why your product or service is better than everyone else in your industry and what benefits your customers will receive. Your passion for your product or service should be obvious to everyone around you.

Strategy #6 – Recap the Investment Potential Benefits
At the end of your presentation, don’t just stop and wait for your customer, client, etc. to respond. Recap your presentation. A quick recap will not only remind them of what they just heard, but also what they liked best about your product or service.

Now, go immediately to strategy #7…

Strategy #7 – Ask the Million Dollar Question
Turn to your customer, client, patient, etc. and ask… “What do you like best about (insert product or service)?”  Then shut up and let them answer.
This open ended question instantly provokes a positive answer about what they liked best.

Never, and I mean NEVER ask “What do you think? Think tends to be a negative, fear based word that makes them “think” about what they didn’t like or what needs to be improved.  The Million Dollar Question is key to an effective close!

While these seven strategies are awesome, there’s a lot more to do before you master the ultimate business pitch and dive into the Shark Tank or share your business with clients, customers, etc.

Like the old adage says, “You have one chance to make a first impression so don’t blow it.”

Now, be honest with yourself…

Do you want help with creating or fine-tuning your business pitch or your presentation skills?

Before you say “YES, John!” Let me warn you…

I’m not a fluffy, lovey dovey, scared of hurting your feelings, life coach.  AND I just didn’t start coaching and consulting yesterday.  AND I don’t consider myself a successful speaker just because I hang out with other speakers or have some bogus certification.

I’ve been coaching Champions to build massive businesses for over 20 years, and I’ve shared the stage with the greatest speakers in history in thousands of venues.

Plus I am a master when it comes to presenting and closing a presentation, and my clients have earned millions by implementing the strategies that I teach them. Do you want to be next?

Now, if you are serious about fine-tuning your presentation skills and developing a business pitch that will not only grab the attention of your clients, customers, patients, etc., but also generate millions for you long-term, then…

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