As the American economy worsens and teeters towards a recession, the Biden administration continues to lie to the public in an effort to deflect blame. At a NATO news conference in Madrid, Spain, Biden claimed that increased prices at the pump are unavoidable and necessary to combat the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  To Americans wondering how long they’ll have to withstand high prices on necessities, Biden’s message offers little comfort: “As long as it takes.”

Americans are getting hit hard across nearly every sector of the economy with a staggering annual inflation rate of 8.6%. It’s much more difficult to start a family under the Biden administration as there is a critical housing shortage, causing home prices to increase by more than 20% in just the last year. American families and individuals are also getting hit hard by the 10.8% price increase in groceries.

To top it all off, gas prices continue to soar and are up 50% since last year. With all of these dramatic price increases, the average standard of living in the United States has dropped dramatically due to Biden’s policies. 

 The war in Ukraine has certainly caused gas prices to surge in the United States, but it didn’t have to be that way. Once Biden entered office, his regime forwarded a series of “green energy” policies that only served to make domestic gas production more difficult. Even worse, as gas prices hit record high figures, the Biden administration doubled down by canceling a massive oil and gas lease sale in Alaska and adding new restrictions on domestic oil production.  

Prior to the Biden administration, the United States was a net exporter of fossil fuels. But, due to climate change policies of the Biden administration, the U.S. gas supply is now reliant on foreign dictators in places like Saudi Arabia and Russia.  

 The Biden administration adamantly denies this reality and instead claims that Americans face increased prices on necessities due to “Putin’s Price Hike.” At the NATO conference in Spain, Biden repeated that propaganda after calling on a New York Times journalist from a list of state-approved media outlets. The journalist asked the following question:  

“Will a cap on Russian oil bring down the prices. The war has pushed prices up… How long is it fair to expect American drivers to pay that premium for this war.” 

Biden’s response to this question was blunt and showed his lack of concern for Americans struggling to cope with increased gas prices:  

“As long as it takes.” 

The President then went on to ramble about what could be done to lower gas prices. However, the solutions he provided would not alleviate gas prices at home. They would only serve to hurt the Russian economy and further the war effort: 

“What we’ve considered doing is putting a cap on the amount of money that we would pay for, the world would pay, for Russian oil. And that we would not-there would-, we would not provide, the west provides insurance, would not insure Russian ships carrying oil. We would not provide insurance for them so they would have great difficulty getting customers.” 

This quote is rather difficult to decipher as it comes from the addled brain of our rapidly deteriorating President. However, from his statement, it is clear the Biden administration has no concrete plans to deal with rising gas prices.

The only solution Biden could come up with is a price cap on Russian oil and to deny insurance for oil carriers. This would only exacerbate gas prices, as Russia would refuse to sell to the United States if we pursue such targeted attacks on their oil sector.  

The rise in gas prices has a tremendous impact on the U.S. economy because Americans have less money in their pockets to spend on consumer goods. Thus, our economy is stalling out. At times like this, the U.S. needs a capable leader to make bold steps to address serious economic concerns.

Unfortunately, in Biden, we have a hollow mouthpiece for the Democratic party that sneers at working class concerns and cheers on rising gas prices as a necessary component to their proxy war in Ukraine.  




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