New York City officials are ideologues of critical race theory and Marxism. No one better embodies this than Manhattan’s “progressive” district attorney, Alvin Bragg, who charged a bodega worker with 15-25 years in prison for defending himself from two assailants in his store.  

The violent encounter occurred in Harlem over a bag of chips. A woman became enraged with bodega owner Jose Alba after her card was declined when trying to pay for a bag of chips. When Alba refused to give her the chips because she couldn’t pay, the woman shouted at Alba that she would bring her boyfriend to the store, who was going to “f#ck you up.” 

Not long after her boyfriend, 35-year-old Austin Simon, who was out on parole for assaulting a police officer, arrived at Alba’s store. Simon was aggressive upon entering the store:  

Simon: “’What’s up with you? N—-r what is wrong with you?” 

Alba: “I don’t want a problem, papa.” 

Alba attempted to diffuse the situation by showing Simon the receipt for the declined transaction, but this wasn’t enough for the violent criminal.  

In the security footage, you can see Simon step behind the counter and begin violently assaulting the Alba, who is nearly half his size. After taking a substantial beating, Alba decided to defend himself and grabbed a knife, stabbing Simon in the chest and neck five times. At the same time, Simon’s girlfriend removed a knife from her purse and stabbed the bodega worker four times.  

When the NYPD finally arrived, Simon lay face down and was pronounced dead. Despite being assaulted by two criminals, the NYPD removed Alba from his store and took him to Rikers Island.  

Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg ran on a platform of decarceration. However, that only applies to those he views as being victimized by systemic racism. Bragg charged Alba with second-degree murder and placed a $500,000 bail. In contrast, Simon’s girlfriend, who stabbed Alba four times, has not been charged for any crimes.  

Most New Yorkers are rightly outraged over this incident and side with Alba. NBC News interviewed one young man who knows Alba:  

“I know that man personally, he lives in my building. He is the kindest man I have ever met. If he says it was self-defense, it is.”  

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has sensed that most New Yorkers do not side with district attorney Alvin Bragg’s radical decision, and has moved in support of Alba.  

“It’s time for New Yorkers and Americans to start standing up for people that follow the law.” 

Fortunately, a judge lowered Alba’s bail from $500,000 to $250,000, and then to $50,000. However, this is still a steep price to pay for a bodega worker who did not commit a crime. After being released from Rikers Island, Alba was forced to surrender his passport and stay in the boroughs.  

If we can learn anything from Alba’s case, it’s that woke government officials can cause a lot of harm by viewing every incident through the lens of critical race theory. Jose Alba is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic.

But, in the eyes of critical race theorists, it is the African American man who faces more systemic racism and should be automatically assumed to be the victim in any scenario. NYC’s rising crime rates can be directly tied to woke government officials, like district attorney Alvin Bragg. 



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