Under the Biden administration, America faces a series of crises created by political incompetence and socialist ambitions. Whether it is the price of gas, the inflation rate, or domestic security, the Biden administration covers for their failures by lying to the public about the state of our nation.

This was seen on Tuesday, when Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed that the southern border “is secure” despite the reality of an unprecedented surge of illegal aliens flooding into our nation.

Mayorkas made this bold-faced lie at the Aspen Security Forum: “Look, the border is secure. We are working to make the border more secure. That has been a historic challenge.”  If Mayorkas truly believes the southern border is secure, his security standards are shockingly low.

There have been 200,000 illegal alien encounters on the southern border each month for the past three months. This means over 600,000 illegal immigrants have been stopped in the last three months, but it is likely that the number of those who successfully crossed the border is far greater. To put this in comparison, under President Trump, there were only 521,090 illegal aliens stopped at the southern border in the entire fiscal year 2018.

At the same press conference, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed that the border crisis was the fault of Republican legislatures:

“I have said to a number of [Republican] legislators who expressed to me that we need to address the challenge at the border before they pass legislation and I take issue with the math of holding the solution hostage until the problem is resolved.”

The “solution” Mayorkas refers to is legislation that would offer a path to citizenship for illegal aliens already present in the United States. It is not clear how such legislation would reduce the influx of illegal aliens, in fact, it would likely exacerbate the issue.

From this quote, we can see Mayorkas using an Orwellian political tactic in which he blames Republicans for holding the solution hostage, when he is the one at fault. Mayorkas claims that the border crisis can only be addressed after offering citizenship to illegal aliens. Thus, he is holding the security of the southern border hostage until the Biden administration obtains their radical illegal immigration policy.

Illegal immigration has sky rocketed in recent years as South Americans have rightly recognized that the current administration supports their criminal activity. The Biden administration’s explicit support of illegal immigration was clearly seen in April of this year, when the White House funded and coordinated a series of middle-of-the-night charter flights that shipped illegal aliens from the southern border to various purple districts across the country.

While the Biden administration has not made its intentions explicit, the effects of its border policy are evident: destruction of the moral and legal fabric of the United States. We have millions of illegal aliens entering our citizenry each year, and their first action is to disrespect and violate our border and immigration laws.

It would be blindly optimistic to believe that the majority of these illegal aliens wish to assimilate with American values of liberty and prosperity when they disrespect our laws upon entry.



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