Following the events of the Canadian Freedom Convoy, many of its most vocal members are still being targeted by Trudeau’s socialist regime. However, Canada’s judicial system is not yet fully corrupted by radical leftists and just issued a legal victory for the anti-vaccine mandate protestor Pastor Artur Palowski. 

On July 22nd, the Alberta Court of Appeal granted Artur Pawlowski’s appeal, striking down the contempt and sanction orders against him. These sanction orders prevented Pastor Palowski from leaving Alberta province except in case of medical or family emergencies. Furthermore, under these orders, Pastor Palowski was required to obtain a government approved disclaimer before being allowed to state his personal views in public.  

The Alberta Court of Appeals also ordered Alberta Health Services to refund the fines paid by Palowski, which amounted to over $15,000. While this is certainly a victory for Pastor Palowski, the court failed to provide appropriate reparations for the extensive damage the Canadian government caused to the pastor’s life.  

In February, Pastor Artur Palowski was arrested for protesting medical segregation and served 51 days in jail. 

This arrest occurred on May 8th, after he refused to allow armed police to enter his church and inspect if for COVID-19 compliance during an Easter Service in April. For the crime of protecting his church from COVID-19 authoritarians, the Calgary police motorcade pulled Pawloski and his brother over on their way home from church, arresting them on the side of the highway.  

Pastor Artur Pawlowski John Di Lemme

The Canadian government also abused and disgraced Artur Palowski throughout his 51 days in prison. Palowski told this to journalists in April about his experiences in prison:  

“They were punishing the entire prison because of me. And then they paraded me in front of the inmates, saying, ‘That’s the guy. You’re being punished because of him. So if you have a chance to do something, that’s the villain, that’s the guy.’ I think that was the scariest time.” 

If Artur Palowski’s claims are true, then there should be criminal prosecutions against all prison guards involved in humiliating and endangering the pastor. By telling inmates that “if you have a chance to do something, that’s the villain,” Palowski’s prison guards were actively inciting violence against him.  

By examining the Canadian government’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that we now have a tyrannical government on our northern border. The abuse Palowski received for exercising his right to free speech and his right to assembly are unconscionable in a free state. Although Palowski is no longer restricted by the contempt and sanction orders, it is likely that the Canadian government will target him again if he speaks up.  



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