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Disney Replaces “Fairy Godmother” with Gender Neutral Terminology

In the past year, it has become painfully obvious that the once great Disney has become infected with woke activists that are steering the company into idiotic and immoral directions. Whether it is executive producers [1] announcing their “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” or condemning DeSantis’ Parental Rights in education bill, it’s clear Disney is controlled by the radical left. 

Disney’s loyalty to woke subjective gender ideology was made even more evident this week with their announcement that they will no longer use the term “fairy godmothers [2]” in reference to staff.  

Traditionally, Disney’s fairy godmothers would work at theme park salons, giving children makeovers to look like knights, princesses, and other characters. However, Disney will no longer use the term “fairy godmother” as it is gendered language, and thereby offensive and exclusive according to woke dictates.  

These Disney salon workers will now be referred to as “apprentices.” Disney claims that the title “apprentice” is far superior to “fairy godmother” as it does not exclude cast members, who may not identify as female, from participating in makeup and costume design for children.  

This change may please a small percentage of the American public, those who are mentally ill with gender dysphoria. But this change further damages Disney’s brand for two reasons.  

For one, this change further embeds Disney in the ongoing culture war as they side with the left and further alienate themselves from conservative clientele. Disney’s woke politics may play out on Twitter, but members of the real world are not fans. Faith in Disney’s future profitability has dropped dramatically over the last year. In July of 2021, Disney stock [3] was valued at $177. As of today, Disney’s stock is valued at $103, which is approximately a 42% decrease in stock price.  

Changing the title “fairy godmother” to “apprentice” also hurts Disney’s brand because it sacrifices magical and memorable childhood experiences to appease the radical left. 

Throughout classic children’s folktales, movies, and cartoons, fairy godmothers play a central role, symbolizing a feminine role model that prepares the hero for their journey. Children implicitly understand this, making it easy for them to suspend their imagination and pretend that they are receiving a makeover from a real fairy godmother. It is obvious that the vague and gender-neutral term “apprentice” would not impart a similar effect on children.  

By removing fairy godmothers from theme parks, Disney is stating to the world that they value subjective gender nonsense much more than traditional themes of childhood fantasies. In other words, Disney would rather appease a minority of mentally ill adults than to help cultivate the imagination of children at their theme parks.  

If you are a parent, it is your imperative to not expose your children to Disney’s “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.” While classic Disney movies impart noble virtues and good ethics, their contemporary movies are full of radical left propaganda, as seen in the latest movie Lightyear, which featured a lesbian kiss scene.  


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