Under the Biden administration, the federal government has become a tyrannical force that oppresses any community that will not bow to its dictates. This tyranny knows no bounds, as the feds have set their sights on Amos Miller, an organic farmer that prepares his food according to his Amish traditional and religious dictates. Federal agents claim that his repeated “violations” of food safety laws warranted their armed invasion and shut down of his farm, and the $300,000 fine leveled against him.  

Amos owns Miller’s Organic Farm, which has served his community in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania for over 25 years. Leftists should applaud this organic farm as it is environmentally friendly: it uses no electricity, no fertilizer, nor any gasoline. Miller’s Organic Farm provides high quality food to its 4,000 private food club members who prefer humane and traditional farming practices.  

Despite Miller’s impressive organic farm, and its environmentally sound practices, the federal government was extremely motivated to shut the farm down. Members of Miller’s Amish community believe that the Biden administration did this to send the following message to farmers: anyone who refuses to infuse federal mandated chemicals into their food products will be shut down.  

The primary issue at hand is that Miller has refused to allow federal agencies to access and regulate his food distribution. Miller has taken out the middle man. Unlike other farms, Miller does not send his food out for quality assurance or have food safety bureaucrats inspect his farm. Rather, he distributes directly to his 4,000 club members. Democrats, who love to oversee all aspects of life, find this unacceptable.  

Amos Miller defended his farming practices the following way:  

“You know, the way you guys regulate it, it kind of hurts the nutrition of the food — you know, you wash it in these things, you’ve given these vaccines and the cows get all types of medicine, I don’t do any of that. So, I think going through your regulatory process will actually hurt the quality of my food and that’s what I’m being paid top dollar for, it is this high-quality food.” 

 Members of Miller’s food club and his Amish community are doing their best to support him. A GoFundMe page has currently raised $14,000 to help Miller pay off the fines. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the GoFundMe page will acquire the $300,000 necessary to pay off the fines. The federal government must have known that an Amish man was unlikely to possess $300,000. Therefore, they essentially shut down his farm and issued him a prison sentence.  

Miller wishes to maintain his Amish lifestyle and support his family, but the federal government is making it impossible:  

“I’ll do whatever it takes to keep our children on the farm rather than going out into the world looking for jobs, which cannot be good in our culture. If we have to pay it all ourselves, very likely we will not be able to move forward.” 

When federal agents begin raiding Amish owned organic farms, it’s a clear sign that our government is under the control of power-hungry tyrants.  


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