Despite most Americans no longer being afraid of COVID-19, regions controlled by Democratic elitists are unwilling to let go of their pandemic powers, even if it means endangering children. D.C. has just unveiled the strictest vaccine mandate in the nation which requires children 12 years and older to be vaccinated in order to attend school.  

This decision by Democratic politicians in D.C. is appalling. There is very little evidence that the experimental mRNA vaccination inhibits the spread of COVID-19. Even Biden’s CDC has acknowledged this, as seen in the new CDC COVID guidelines that remove the distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated because transmission rates between the two groups is virtually the same. With little benefit in taking the vaccine and no long-term studies on how it effects children, a student vaccine mandate is both dangerous and ineffective.  

Among Washington, D.C.’s student population, 85% of those between the ages of 12 and 15 are vaccinated against COVID-19. Most of these children were vaccinated as a result of their brain washed leftist parents forcing the jab upon them. However, other parents were coerced into vaccinating their children as they cannot afford to move to another area or take the time to home school their children.  

One of the more concerning aspects of D.C.’s vaccine mandate is how it will impact the black community. 40% of black students between the ages of 12 and 15 are unvaccinated. Unless these children receive the experimental jab, 40% of black students in D.C. will be barred from attending school. Corrupt inner city public schools have already put black students at a terrible disadvantage, but now Democrats want to block nearly half of them from attending school at all.  

It is unsurprising the Democratic elites are enforcing policies that disproportionately impact the Black community. This is the same party that condoned slavery, Jim Crow laws, and sponsored the KKK.  

Throughout history, Democrats have been the party of racism, but they have couched this racism in the belief that things like slavery and segregation are in fact in the best interest of the black community. These racists believed that the black community could not be trusted to make decisions for themselves, and, thus, must be controlled by Democratic elites. This pattern of racism can be clearly seen today as the Democratic party forces black parents to vaccinate their children despite their serious concerns with the experimental mRNA vaccine.  

D.C. politicians deny that they wish to inhibit the black community’s freedom of choice and access to education, but their arguments for vaccine mandates are nonsensical. Democrats in D.C. claim that because children will have until the end of September to be vaccinated, this will be enough time to give out the experimental jab to all pre-teen D.C. students. Asad Bandealy, the chief of the D.C. Department of Health’s Health Care Access Bureau, stated the following:  

“Our goal is that no child should miss a single day of school. And that means we need to get started [vaccinating children] now.” 

The COVID-19 vaccination was promised to deliver 100% immunity to the China virus. Despite the vaccine offering no such protection, and coming with a variety of risks, Democratic politicians continue to shove this jab down the throats of the American people. While this is already despicable behavior, it is especially disgusting that they are going after children.  



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