Kids and college students are headed back to the classroom which means that back to school shopping has commenced. Before you jump from lunch boxes to laptops, let’s take a moment to think about who it is that we are shopping for: the kids!

Each student will have essential items for school, but what you may not see on their school supply list is protection, and this really matters.

Child protection isn’t just about protecting their physical being, which of course you intend to do. It’s about protecting their identity when they are at the most vulnerable stage of their life. It’s also about monitoring their social media activity to help ensure that something they post doesn’t compromise their safety.

Cyberbullying Research Center conducts ongoing studies for cyberbullying. One of their studies shows that 20% of tweens (ages 9-12) have experienced cyberbullying in some form. Another study shows that 45% of middle and high school students experienced some sort of cyberbullying.  While social media platforms aren’t an exclusive platform for cyberbullying, it is one way to help protect children, especially as they head back to school.

Where do you begin, and how can you protect kids from something like that?

The Conservative Marketplace is now offering a protection plan that helps you to protect your child from cyberbullying and online identity fraud. Here are some features and benefits of the program…​

  • Child Social Media Monitoring
  • Child SSN Tracker
  • Child Digital Spy Dark Web Monitoring
    Social Security Monitoring
    Bank Account, Credit/Debit Card & Medical ID Monitoring
    Email & Phone Monitoring​​​​​​
  • Child Identity Restoration
  • Child Identity Theft Insurance

This Child Protection Plan is available for any child under the age of 18.

Time is in high demand with all that happens with back to school. Let us help you to alleviate some of that concern with our full-spectrum ID protection plans that include Child Monitoring.   Here’s how..

Call/Text (561) 847-3467 or Email and say “Protect My Child” and Christie Di Lemme will give you a call to discuss all of the details and answer your questions about this tremendous protection plan for children.