When Eric Adams was sworn in as mayor of NYC, many Republicans believed this would be an improvement, seeing how no one could be worse than former mayor Bill de Blasio.

Unfortunately, those Republicans seem to have been wrong.

Despite running a law-and-order mayoral campaign, Eric Adams has overseen a dramatic crime increase in his city.

NYC residents are currently being terrorized with a wave of violent crime made severely worse by a new popular game among felons, the “knockout game.” 

The NYC knockout game first came about in 2013.

The game is simple, you impress your fellow criminal peers by walking up to innocent bystanders and attempting to knock them unconscious in a single blow.

Through increased police presence and a crackdown on violent assaults, the game was put to rest for nearly a decade. However, it is now back in full force.  

Under Adams’ regime, the NYPD is not equipped to handle this new violent trend and hasn’t been allowed to track “knockout” type assaults.

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This intentionally makes it difficult to determine how many of these incidents are occurring, as such reports would stain Adams’ mayoral career.

As of now, there have been approximately twenty knockout game incidents reported by the media.

However, it is inevitable that the media does not cover the vast majority of these violent assaults.  

If you wish to see what the knockout game looks like, here is a video of it. Be warned the video contains a graphic and violent assault.

This event took place at Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn and involved two men sneaking up behind the 36-year-old victim, knocking him out cold and leaving his body motionless on the ground.

The man’s body remained motionless on the ground for nearly a minute before a security guard walked past.

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Rather than chase down the perpetrators or check on the unconscious victim, the security guard turns the corner and slowly walks away.  

The reason why the knockout game is spreading so fast throughout NYC is that leftist prosecutors, such as Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, refuse to prosecute violent crimes.

On August 12th, an already convicted sex offender Bui Van decided to participate in the knockout game. He sucker punched Jesus Cortes and left the man fighting for his life in a coma.  

Now, you would hope that a convicted sex offender who just committed serious violent assault would be thrown back in prison.

But, under Adams’ insane, leftist regime, he wasn’t.

The assailant, Bui Van, was set free with no bail. These leftist prosecutors, that let violent criminals go in the name of equity and racial justice, have no sympathy for the law-abiding victims that suffer.  

The worst part about the knockout game is that these criminals will target anybody they think is an easy target, even the elderly.

Gayman Hillaire, a 73-year-old man, was sucker punched so badly while walking near Kingston Avenue that he is now blind in his left eye.

Just a week ago, another senior citizen, a 74-year-old woman, was sucker punched during broad-daylight in Midtown.  

It’s hard to comprehend why leftist politicians and prosecutors have such immense sympathy for violent criminals but care so little for law abiding citizens.

It is likely due to corrosive critical race theory ideology, which claims that minority groups are steered towards a life of crime due to white systemic racism. These leftists believe that it is not the fault of the criminals who commit these crimes.

Rather, it’s the fault of the racist system itself.

As long as NYC politicians, like Eric Adams, hold on to these ridiculous ideas, NYC will continue to be an unsafe place to live. 


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