It should come as no shock to conservatives to learn that 2022 has seen a dramatic spike in violent crime in America’s major cities. 2021 was not a good year for crime by any means, we saw 152,760 aggravated assaults in our most prominent cities.

However, approximately 4,000 more aggravated assaults have occurred in 2022, and the year is far from over. With such shocking statistics, retired police chiefs are coming forward and laying the blame on the Defund the Police movement.  

Retired police chief, Jeff Rasche, who has nearly four decades of experience in Indiana, told reporters that the Defund the Police movement has had an extremely dangerous “ripple effect.

At the core of the Defund the Police movement is the idea that police officers are morally corrupt individuals operating in a systemically racist system. A common slogan used by leftists in their 20s and 30s is “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards).  

By using the term ACAB, leftists condemn the notion that police officers are generally good and that there are just a few bad apples.

Rather, they believe that all cops are inherently evil just by being members of law enforcement. As the idea that American policing is an evil enterprise spreads, police officers are experiencing a precipitous drop in morale. Which, in turn, has led to record numbers of officers leaving the force.  

Retired Forth Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead explained the dangerous consequences of police officers leaving the force and staffing issues in law enforcement departments:  

“I talk to law enforcement leaders on a daily basis. And in today’s world, their No. 1 problem is staffing…Such shortages have an immediate impact on a police department’s ability to serve communities.

With officers spread thin, residents can expect longer response times. And in some cities, a stolen car or a house break-in can take days to get an officer on the scene. In other cases, some departments have simply stopped taking some reports altogether.” 

It’s no wonder why Democratic cities in the United States are experiencing record levels of violent crimes.

Criminals are opportunists with enough intelligence to understand when they can get away with crimes. With fewer police on the streets and leftist DAs who refuse to prosecute minority criminals, there has never been a better time to get away with murder, literally.

This is quite clearly seen in the new NYC fad, the “knockout game,” in which violent criminals knockout unsuspecting bystanders for the fun of it, and, largely, are not prosecuted.  

Police Chief Halstead also explained an additional factor contributing to the spike in violent crime:  

“Because of specific optics of the use of force incident … they’re now being indicted.

So, many police officers, especially in your high-risk, high-crime suppression units, they are not getting nearly as aggressive as they used to be. And that is one of the primary drivers of a massive increase in violent crime.” 

If we wish to make American cities great again, we must do away with notions from the Defund the Police movement that American policing is systemically racist and morally corrupt.

These ideas are simply false and must be discarded before our cities collapse into anarchy. Those that push such narratives are endangering the rest of America with their ignorance.  



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