There is a war for America’s economy right now; no question about it. It’s a war of good versus evil…capitalism versus socialism!

To win this battle, we must bravely step forward to attack the enemy head-on with an understanding that the future of our country is the ultimate prize.

Here are *7* reasons why capitalism is so important to America that we must be willing to go to war against the radical left socialists…

#1: America was built on Capitalism. Capitalism is the freedom to produce, the freedom to dream, the freedom to risk, the freedom to fail, and the freedom to learn.

It’s the freedom to be all God wants you to be. It’s the freedom to take His talents and utilize them. Freedom is the foundation of our United States Constitution.

#2: Capitalism gives you the ability to produce, innovate, and hire. You are empowered to believe in yourself so that you can develop a product that that enables you to build a successful business that can bless people with jobs. The unemployment rate drops and the economy thrives.

#3: Capitalism is the lifeblood of this country. Despite some economic instability caused by the covid czar lockdowns, America is still standing on its own without taking any handout from other countries.

Why? Because capitalism is keeping it alive and giving our country the power to push through the adversity and comeback stronger than ever.

#4: Capitalism births entrepreneurs. You have to take what you’re gifted with (talent) and turn it into capital (asset), which enables you to achieve success in America’s free enterprise system.

Entrepreneurship is vitally important to America’s dominance in the international marketplace.

#5: Capitalism creates a mindset of victory through competition. You are empowered to achieve and grow beyond what you ever thought was possible as you strive to be the best in your industry, niche, etc.

#6: Capitalism is limited government with limited regulations. The government exists to protect the rights that you have to prosper.

When President Trump removed over-reaching government regulations, he simultaneously removed the shackles that were keeping small businesses in bondage and unable to prosper. Trump’s action resulted in the greatest economy in history.

Now, we must fight back against the Biden administration trying to infiltrate America with socialism and take business owners captive again.  Stimulus checks and other monetary handouts DO NOT stimulate the economy…they give more power to the socialists handing them out!

#7: Capitalism gives you the opportunity to invent, create, and take your idea to market. Then you sell it, earn income, and everyone in the marketplace wins. This opportunity is not available with socialism. 

One of my most popular quotes is, “Everyone loses with socialism, but everyone wins with capitalism.”

Capitalism is so much more than economic reports, graphics, and charts. It’s the breath of life for over 30 Million small businesses that make up over 99.9% of all businesses in America.

Without capitalism, these businesses will suffocate and our economy will plummet into the deadly effects of socialism.

Commit to stand against the socialists that are willing to destroy our entire economy to gain political power that will inevitably destroy our nation.




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