Through an analysis of California criminal databases conducted by, it’s been revealed that thousands of criminally charged pedophiles are being released after serving less than a year in prison.

It’s shocking to see that the sympathy of California’s leftist DAs and politicians extends to the worst members of society, those that target children.  

The analysis was conducted by compiling information on California sex offenders found from public databases going back to 2019. Of those 54,986 criminals, 41,974 (76%) were charged for offenses involving children.

Even worse, those 41,974 pedophiles served in average of two years and 10 months in prison, with many serving less than a year.  

From the database analysis, it was found that 7,152 pedophiles convicted of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14 were released from prison on the very same year in which they were incarcerated. Those who committed a similar act, but did so by “force or fear”, also tend to serve less than a year in prison. 

It is difficult to comprehend how California’s legal system can allow this to happen.

With such shocking figures, it seems as though California law makers do not believe pedophiles are deserving of severe criminal punishment. However, such statistics do not paint a complete picture. Let’s take a closer look at some of these animals that have been released.  

One is Carlos Alexander Nahue, a 48-year-old who was convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Nahue pled no contest and was sentenced to a mere two days in LA county jail and five years of probation. Carlos Nahue has positioned himself to abuse children once more as he now lives just one block from Royal Montessori School daycare and three blocks from Reseda Elementary School.  

While this story sounds shocking, it is commonplace for California’s legal system.  

47-year-old Gualterio Lopez Contreras was convicted of sodomy by use of force, sexual penetration by force, and continuous sexual abuse of a child. He was originally sentenced to three years in Wasco State Prison.

This sentence already seems excessively short for an individual who rapes children, but he only served a fraction of it. Court records show he was accredited with 790 days, assumably for being nonviolent while in prison, which left him with a sentence of just 305 days.  

Deputy DA Jon Hatami believes that the sentences for California pedophiles continue to decrease because of Proposition 57, a 2016 bill that allows early parole for nonviolent felons. 

It is an embarrassment of justice that such a bill can apply to pedophiles.

Pedophiles tend not be violent when in prison, but this nonviolence is because their perversions prefer to target defenseless children. Thus, any displays of nonviolence while in prison should be ignored and are not evidence of rehabilitation.

Statistics from the U.S. Justice Department show that sex offenders, which includes pedophiles, are four times more likely than other criminals to be rearrested. 

Understand that when leftists call for criminal reform, this is what they are advocating for.

It is a shame that California has declined so rapidly under democratic leadership. But this state should serve as a warning to the rest of the nation about what happens when these radical ideas are put into action.  





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