On November 16th, San Francisco launched a guaranteed income program for members of its transgender community.

This program provides $1,200 a month for “low income transgender residents.”  It seems as though all woke San Francisco residents can apply for this program as the online application tells individuals to choose from 134 gender options to describe themselves. 

It is unclear why San Francisco feels a pressing need to provide a socialist payment program for their transgender community.

Considering that San Francisco’s streets are flooded with 20,000 drug addled and mentally ill homeless people, it seems like this liberal city has its priorities twisted. 

If you’re a rational human being, you are probably wondering how there are 134 gender options on the guaranteed income application when only two legitimate genders exist. Well, this is because San Francisco is attempting to appease all of its woke and mentally deranged citizens.

Some of the made-up genders found on San Francisco’s guaranteed income application include “novigender”, “xenogender”, “brother boy”, “graygender”, and more. 

Jay Richards, a member of the Heritage Foundation, believes that this new policy will lead to opportunistic San Francisco residents falsely identifying as transgender for a $1,200 check:

“Expect a growing population of needy, indigent people in San Francisco presenting as transgender.”

An LGBTQ+ news site, them.us, believes that San Francisco Mayor London Breed has not gone far enough.

Them.us’ Samantha Riedel, a male journalist pretending to be a woman, complains that $1,200 a month will not go far for San Francisco’s trans community considering that the median rent is nearly $3,000 in the city.

However, Riedel fails to articulate why it is that transgender individuals should expect taxpayers to pay their rent in full.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed claims this payment program is essential as the trans community is severely underprivileged: 

“We know that our trans communities experience much higher rates of poverty and discrimination, so this program will target support to lift individuals in this community up. We will keep building on programs like this to provide those in the greatest need with the financial resources and services to help them thrive.”

It seems as though Mayor Breed wished to roll out a guaranteed payment program for a targeted group in desperate need.

Even if transgender individuals experience higher rates of poverty, San Francisco residents can see another group that could use this funding: the 20,000 homeless people in the streets. 

With this latest example of leftist idiocy, it is evident that establishment Democrats have completely lost their minds.

If Republican politicians cannot campaign on this issue and display Democrats as gender ideologues and Marxist radicals, they are complete failures. 

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