Mainstream media and Democrats refuse to give up on the COVID lockdown narrative and still wish to instill fear in the general population.

The latest news of a “deadly” COVID variant comes from the South African researchers who were among the first to study Omicron. After studying a single immunocompromised person with HIV, these researchers believe they’ve found hard evidence that Omicron will transform into a lethal variant.  

The patient studied by Sigal Lab had the Omicron variant for approximately six months. The patient harbored the virus for so long because they have HIV, and their immune system is incapable of killing the virus. The researchers found that over the 6-month period the Omicron strain continued to mutate and became more deadly.  

This individual was studied within the first few days of contracting Omicron and was monitored throughout the six-month period. In the beginning stages, approximately four percent of human cells infected died. This figure steadily increased and by day 190 10 percent of infected cells died.  

While these findings sound concerning, the original COVID variant caused an even greater percentage of infected cells to die.

Furthermore, it is unclear why these researchers from the African Health Research Institute believe that this is proof that Omicron can evolve into a more deadly variant. This research was conducted on a single patient who possessed HIV and was immunocompromised. A much larger sample size is necessary to understand how COVID variants evolve in individuals over time.  

Even if a more deadly virus becomes dominant, we must resist the attempts of Democrats to reinstate draconian lockdown measures.

Most Americans have contracted COVID already and possess natural immunity. Thus, encountering a more lethal version than Omicron should not be a problem. 

Ill-founded hypotheses on the nature of the COVID virus are being promoted by the media because Democrats wish to have the evidence needed to push for more vaccines, masks, and lockdowns. Just before Fauci retired as the head of the NIAID, he made a final plea to Americans to get vaccinated.  

This shows how corrupt Fauci was as a public official. The experimental mRNA vaccines have been shown not to reduce the spread of the virus and their inherent risks certainly outweigh any possible benefit. Yet, Fauci shilled for Big Pharma in his retirement speech and called for increased vaccinations.  

It is also very likely that American leftists are looking to China and seeing how its communist party has utilized the fear of COVID-19 to take control of the lives of its citizens. However, the Chinese people are fighting back from their authoritarian overlords.

In response to the CCP’s Zero-COVID policy, Chinese protestors have flooded the streets in numbers that haven’t been seen since the Tiananmen Square incident.

It is at this time that America must show strong support for the Chinese people who are shouting in the street, “We want freedom, no more lockdown” and “Down with Xi Jinping and the CCP!” However, it is unlikely the Democrats in the White House will offer any support. 


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