When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze bank accounts and enforced draconian measures against the Freedom Convoy protestors, we saw that he was prepared to install a socialist dictatorship. However, we did not know how sick his socialist visions and aspirations were.

These aspirations are now becoming clearer with Canada’s legal euthanasia program that applies to a variety of cases, such as those seeking relief from poverty. 

Euthanasia was originally proposed by Canadian leftists as a way to increase individual liberty. Leftists argued that by allowing people to choose when to end their lives, for example those suffering from terminal cancer, those individuals can regain personal autonomy.

While this argument already rests on dubious moral grounds, those being executed by Canada’s medical system aren’t just cancer patients. 

Canadian pensioner Les Landry recently applied for “medical assistance in dying” (MAID) despite stating clearly that he “doesn’t want to die.”

Landry has even informed Canada’s socialist medical professionals that the primary reason he seeks euthanasia is because his pension benefits will soon be cut off. In other words, Landry wishes to kill himself rather than face poverty. 

In a sane society, this would be viewed as a cry for help and Landry would receive aid from community members and outreach from religious institutions. Unfortunately, Canada is not a sane society.

Under Canada’s euthanasia system, two doctors are required to sign off on an MAID application. Landry has already received one of the required signatures and is awaiting the second one. 

One would hope that this second doctor could prevent Landry from committing suicide, but Canada’s euthanasia law provides an easy way around this. Bill C-14 explicitly allows those seeking euthanasia to seek out the opinions and signatures of countless alternative doctors.

Landry is well aware of this and has stated that he will simply “shop around” for a doctor willing to sign off on his suicide if he does not receive the second signature from his current physician.

 Bill C-14 allows for any Canadian to seek euthanasia if they possess a “grievous and irremediable medical condition.” This definition does not require such medical conditions to be terminal. In Landry’s case, he is eligible due to his epilepsy and diabetes.

But, as stated before, it is not because of Landry’s medical conditions that he seeks euthanasia. In interviews with DailyMail.com, Landry described Canada’s euthanasia program the following way:

“MAID is when the pain of living is more than the fear of death. How do you shut out the switch to both emotional and physical pain in poverty?”

What’s worse is that the Canadian government has plans to expand access to their euthanasia program.

On March 17th, Bill C-14 will be expanded to permit the euthanasia of those suffering from mental illness. Canada’s recent expansion of euthanasia laws has even outraged some in the mainstream media. Forbes journalist Gus Alexiou, who argues that these expanding euthanasia laws “carry upsetting Nazi-era echoes. 

If you consider Canada’s socialist medical and social welfare system, it is not surprising that they have plans to expand their euthanasia program.

To the Canadian government, Les Landry doesn’t amount to a sacred human life that is worth protecting. Rather, he is seen as an additional expense for its medical and pension system that is past due to be cut. 




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