In recent years, the radical left has been on a disturbing track towards sexualizing children and supporting pedophilia.

This was clearly seen in the case of Allyn Walker, a transgender professor, who was recently hired by Johns Hopkins despite her open endorsement of high-quality child pornography. Walker is not the only academic advocating for pedophilia.

Czech researchers have forwarded a hypothesis that child sex robots would be ideal for allowing pedophiles satiate their desires.

Unfortunately, the radical left operates the same way in the United States and in Europe.

While there are laws the prevent the importation of child sex dolls into the UK, there are no laws that prohibit citizens from creating their own child sex dolls. The rise of these sex dolls and other adult sex robots in Europe has encouraged morally depraved Czech researchers to explore the potential of these robots for pedophiles. 

Researchers from Czechia’s National Institute of Mental Health presented an argument for child sex dolls at a leading sexual health conference in Belgium.

These “researchers” believe that child sex robots could provide a therapeutic release and further studies must be conducted to optimize these dolls to meet pedophilic desires.

They state the following as their research objective:

“Sex robots may present an opportunity for a clinical management of individuals with pedophilic interests whose realization would result in infliction of harm and/or legal consequences.”

It is important to point out that this idea is extremely dangerous and idiotic. Immoral desires can never be “satiated.”

Consider an alcoholic. You would never give an alcoholic a drink and view it as a “therapeutic release” for them. The one drink you provide to an alcoholic would set them down a path of increased pleasure seeking and increased consumption.

There is no reason to believe this wouldn’t be the case with pedophiles as well. It would only be a matter of time until pedophiles become bored with child sex robots and wish to pursue the real thing. 

Professor Noel Sharkey, an expert in AI and robotics at the University of Sheffield, has reviewed the Czech researchers’ hypothesis and found it to be absurd and dangerous. Sheffield stated the following: 

“It would be a grave mistake to believe that if a pedophile has sex with a robot that it would reduce their desire to have sex with children. We already know from police reports that pedophile rings love to have children sized sex dolls either individual or in groups. But it does not change their desire for children.”

We are living in a truly morally depraved world in which money intended to promote scientific research is used to investigate how to create the optimal child sex robot for pedophiles.

It is unfortunate that this needs to be articulated, but pedophiles must be treated with severe punishment, not empathy and acceptance. 



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