Adam Klotz, a Fox News weatherman, was horribly beaten on the New York City subway after standing up to a group of teenagers that were harassing an elderly man.

The 37 year old Klotz was attacked by a mob of five or six teenagers, who punched him in the face and kicked him in the chest, leaving him with a black eye and bruised ribs.

Klotz shared his wounds on his Instagram profile and said that the old man that he was defending got away unscathed.

Adam Klotz

Three of the teenagers, two aged 15 and one 17, were caught by police who took their details and contacted their parents to pick them up in the early hours of Sunday, a police source told the New York Post.

Subway crime rose by 30 percent in 2022, more than the 22 percent increase in general major crime across the city.




The crime in New York City is out of control and will only get worse as long as the liberal leadership allows criminals to remain on the street.

Innocent people are being hurt on a daily basis or even worse, murdered. It’s time to get out!

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