Lynette Hardaway, the conservative entertainer and Patriot known as Diamond who formed half of the pro-America duo Diamond and Silk, has died at the age of 51.

Hardaway’s death was announced on the Diamond & Silk social media pages on Monday…

“The World just lost a True Angel and Warrior Patriot for Freedom, Love, and Humanity,” the announcement said.

I interviewed Diamond & Silk on my Conservative Business Journal Podcast Show and want to share the replay as a tribute to our beautiful Patriot friend Diamond.

Listen to our powerful interview here…

During this Podcast, Diamond & Silk share…

How their mother’s sharecropping family and their father, a middle-class business owner, shaped their lives

Why faith is the foundation for their lives and believing that the sky is not the limit

Christians should not vote Democrats, because the party supports the killing of babies through abortion

The fact that President Trump is pro-life and believes in religious freedom for all

The importance of having vision to propel yourself forward to your destiny despite obstacles and naysayers

What the “Ditch and Switch” means – being Black doesn’t mean that you have to vote Democrat

How the Democrats want to take America far left and push their radical left agenda 

Why “Jim Crow Joe” (Joe Biden) is not fit to be President of the United States

If phony Kamala Harris can’t run California, how can she run our country?  She has no vision for America.

The truth about the Marxist Black Matters (BLM) and how they are not defending black lives plus they are pushing for the dismantling of the nuclear family

Black people are being used to push a liberal, white agenda that in no way benefits Black America

How those preaching “slavery” have never been slaves and are taking their freedom for granted

Plus so much more!

Once again, listen to this power-packed podcast with Diamond & Silk here…

May God bless Diamond’s loved ones during this time of grief and celebration as she meets her Heavenly Father.





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