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John Di Lemme
John & Christie Di Lemme, founders of the Conservative
Business Journal, with President Trump

We are more committed than ever to our goal of protecting the conservative values of honesty, hard work, and integrity that are the rock-solid foundation of America through the Conservative Business Journal platform. Getting the real news out to the American people is crucial to the future of our nation and will drive the Conservative Movement.

Right now, Americans need their faith re-ignited and as business leaders, we must step up to provide them with hope of a better tomorrow and give them a vision of a brighter future.  This will never happen with the fake news media constantly flooding the airwaves with doom and gloom.

That’s why we are searching exclusively for business owners, corporations, and entrepreneurs that we can stand side by side with as we work together to build a Conservative Movement that will empower Americans to stand strong no matter the adversity that we face.

Those that decide to take advantage of our Sponsorship, Advertising, and/or Marketing Opportunities will be known and recognized for standing behind the Conservative Movement and Making America Great Again, which is no longer just a campaign slogan but a conscious decision to fully support capitalism and fight for the future of our country.

And now…

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We now have Exclusive Sponsorship, Advertising, and Marketing Opportunities available that include exposure on the Conservative Business Journal Podcast series featuring over 100 top Conservative leaders, authors, influencers, heroes, and every day Americans across our nation. As our subscribers listen to these tremendous guests, they’ll hear 15 to 30 second ads from your business and be directed where to find out more information about your business.

This exposure also includes our online and offline Conservative Business Journal media outlet where we will feature businesses on sidebar ads, web banner ads, posts, and in our print magazine.

You will be able to convert our ever growing fan base of active listeners into your loyal customers by consistently introducing them to your product or service on the fastest growing Conservative platform in the world.  You will be utilizing our proven platform to spread your message and gain more customers while being recognized as a business that proudly stands behind the Conservative Movement.

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How would you like your company to be aligned with our line-up of game changing, Conservative leaders, influencers, authors, and every day Americans that are featured on the Conservative Business Journal Podcast including Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, Charlie Kirk, former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik, Liz Wheeler, Jordan Sekulow, Vince Everett Ellison, Sean Spicer, and so many others?

Our Exclusive Sponsorship, Advertising, and Marketing Opportunities are very limited. To take your interests to the next level, please look at the questions that we put together for you at

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