There is no doubt that the coronavirus (aka COVID-19) has assaulted the world in a vicious manner.  Millions in 184+ countries have been infected and nearly 200,000 have died from the virus. 

Kings, prime ministers and princes alike have been infected. Powerful politicians, Hollywood elites down to the common man have suffered from this unseen enemy. Travel has been banned, armies and navies have been sidelined, families have been separated, markets have plummeted and the greatest economic engine in the world has come to a screeching halt.

Whether the virus is natural or manmade, weaponized or accidentally leaked from a lab, I am not qualified to discuss (though I do have my suspicions). 

But what I do know is that not only has this virus assaulted every man, woman and child created by God, it has paved the way for a more potent and insidious “virus” that has lurked on the earth since civilizations have existed and it has infected hundreds of millions creating pain, misery, suffering and has caused the deaths of hundreds of millions in just the past century alone.

This virus has many monikers: socialism, communism, dictatorships, democratic socialism, fascism. Boiled down, simply call it tyranny.

And now, this virus called tyranny, has infected and assaulted the last bastion of freedom on the face of the earth, the great People and Republic of the United States of America.

This virus has primarily infected politicians and government officials through the weakness of their character, the blindness of their anger, the desire for greatness no matter the cost and the fact that they have over-inflated egos. Though it has laid dormant for years and decades, we have noticed in recent years the rising fever, especially among democrats.

And just as we were hit flat-footed by the coronavirus, so too have we been hit hard by those politicians who have learned all too well to “never let a crisis go to waste.”  They haven’t wasted a minute nor opportunity to assault their underling constituents.

Mike Tyson once quipped, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” 

So true. It’s as if the American people have been sucker punched not so much by the corona virus, but by the draconian measures foisted upon them by the multiple assaults upon their rights and freedoms.

Governors, mayors, county and city councils, Grand Pubas and Potentates have all issued dictates that have directly assaulted their constituents.  Their thirst for power has proven to be an aphrodisiac to their over-inflated egos.

Yes, we understand the “social distancing” requirements, but these people have trampled upon your and my Constitutional rights, then have added insult to injury by micro-managing our lives to the Nth degree.

And while we seek redress, they either turn their heads, walk away and, in essence, flip us the bird or they run and hide as a common coward.  But that’s what despot dictators do.  They care not about you; only their agenda and personal aggrandizement.

Let’s take a look at just a few examples of where we have been assaulted, and then you tell me if we are living in the land of the free and the home of the brave or the land of the controlled and the home of the bullied.

We have been assaulted in our First Amendment religious freedoms as church doors have been shuttered, parishioners ticketed with citations and pastors have been arrested.  Heavy handed deputies are there to cuff you if you don’t comply.

We have been assaulted in our Second Amendment rights as they have been trampled because governors and mayors have specifically targeted those who would want to protect themselves from the mayhem.  Guns stores have been ordered closed and neither guns nor ammo have been allowed to be purchased.

Your right to travel freely has been assaulted as at least one governor has forbidden your right to drive to check in with your elderly parents. In certain nursing homes and hospitals, elderly parents are dying alone in a sterile room because their children aren’t even allowed to sit with them and hold their hand as they pass from this life to the next.

Your right to take care of your health has also been assaulted because most procedures are now put on the back burner awaiting the all clear to be given. Even dental cleanings and visits, visits to the chiropractor (often a God-send) and, yes, a visit to your barber or stylist have been prohibited.

Your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by earning a living and providing for your family has been shattered.  It is under assault as tens of millions have been laid off because businesses have been forced under the penalty of law to close by these politicians who, by the way, are still receiving their paychecks.

We are told to shelter in place for our own good, yet we are allowed out to shop for groceries in the largest petri dishes on the world, the grocery stores.

Churches are forbidden to worship, yet abortion clinics are allowed to continue their slaughter of innocent lives as essential services. Furniture stores and department stores are deemed non-essential, yet liquor stores and pot dispensaries are allowed to stay open as essential.

Public parks, boat ramps and beaches are blocked off to the public, yet in South Carolina the golf course that the governor belongs to is open for business.

The former George Soros protégé, turned Governor of Michigan, has forbidden the planting of seeds so one is now prohibited to feed their family. She has also trampled upon your rights as an American and has forbidden the purchase of American flags! How twisted and anti-American does one get?

We have been divided into the “essentials” and the “non-essentials” of life.  These social fascists are picking and choosing who lives, dies or survives. Saul Alinksy should be proud were it not for the fact that he is most likely being punished, and rightly so, for eternity.

While these people feign patriotism and tell us that they are “looking out for our best interests,” we know their true intention is to see how far down the road toward socialism and communism they can push us. It’s time to fight back!   

We are tired of being given the political middle finger, the silent treatment, nor will we stand to have these politicians hide from us.  We pray, we plan and we fight back.

And we rely upon the two most exciting words in the English language as we anticipate the future, “BUT GOD!”  


Pressley Stutts and John Di Lemme, Conservative Business Journal Founder

Pressley Stutts is a retired Naval Officer (CDR, CHC). He spent 22 of his 30-year career attached to the Marine Corps. He is an entrepreneur and grass roots activist. He serves as the Chairman of the Greenville County, SC TEA Party and also serves as Chairman of ROCK THE RED USA (, a grassroots educational movement seeking to educate, motivate and activate citizens to get involved rather than sit around and complain. He resides in Simpsonville, SC and his passion is restoring the nation to the values intended by the Founding Fathers for the sake of his grandchildren.



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