Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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The American Dream is Possible Again

john di lemme american dream
Unfortunately, the American Dream has been out of reach for most American families for years.  It seemed more like a fairytale than a reality so...

5.5 Million More Jobs Under President Trump

john di lemme jobs
The United States economy is booming and our citizens are working again thanks to the leadership of President Trump.  As reported on Whitehouse.gov… The Bureau of...

Who is John Di Lemme?

consulting john di lemme
Short Bio: Founder of the Conservative Business Journal, Host of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, and Founder of Business Owners for Trump, John Di...

6 Anti-America Far Left Talking Points

socialism john di lemme
Right now as you’re reading this, the fake news stations are furthering the agendas of the liberal Democrat 2020 presidential candidates by flooding every...

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