Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Vince Everett Ellison
Real life experiences have given Vince a unique insight that enable him to recognize, dissect, expose, and answer many of the questions regarding race, religion, and politics that have dogged America for years. His books, blogs, interviews, and podcasts share required knowledge for all Americans who desire understanding, reconciliation, and freedom. Read Vince Everett Ellison's full bio at

Teaching Black People To Hate: Democrats Damnable Legacy

Kamala Biden BLM Black Americans - Democrats - Conservative Business Journal
The Washington Post reported that in 2019 the murder rate had risen in cities controlled by Democrats with large Black populations like Cleveland, Detroit,...

Joe Biden and Jim Clyburn: Master and Slave Working Together to...

Jim Clyburn - Joe Biden - Conservative Business Journal
How would you feel about a man that was applying for a job as a female dorm keeper asking for the endorsement of Jeffery...